Witnesses Describe Bizarre ‘Twilight Zone’ Rules At R. Kelly’s ‘Chocolate Factory’ Studio

As R. Kelly’s sex trafficking trial continues, witnesses still describe the singer’s alleged bizarre rules at his former mansion and studio room dubbed the “Chocolate Factory.”

Former employees and sexual abuse accusers alike happen to be testifying at length concerning the alleged conditions in the building, which operated from about 2004 to 2010, CNN reports. The “Chocolate Factory” continues to be referred to as getting a boxing ring, cinema, a fish tank filled with sharks, two recording studios along with a vacation cabin.

The secluded mansion, found in the borders of Chicago, seemed to be an epicenter from the singer’s alleged controlling actions.

Two women testified that they to follow along with protocol, known as “Rob’s Rules,” while remaining both in the mansion and on the highway. They claimed they’d in which to stay their room unless of course they’d permission to exit, put on baggy clothes, avoid making eye-to-eye contact with all of other men, and steer clear of speaking holiday to a men, CNN reports.

Jerhonda Pace testified earlier this year that they was 16 years of age when she started going to the “Chocolate Factory.” She alleged that Kelly sexually mistreated her which she used to be stuck inside a room engrossed in mirrors around the walls and ceiling for 3 days before she got permission to utilize a bathroom, CNN reports. Kelly’s defense contended there would be a bathroom connected to the room.

Former worker Anthony Navarro, who now owns their own studio room, testified the mansion “was similar to the Twilight Zone whenever you entered the gate, like you are within this different world which was only a strange place,” CNN reports.

Kelly’s former studio manager Tom Arnold testified that pads in the gate would strictly monitor visitors making copies of the IDs. He added that visitors were created to sign “nondisclosure contracts” upon entering and also have Polaroids taken of these and stapled for their contracts.

Kelly’s defense has said the contracts and also the safety measures were essential to safeguard Kelly along with other artists’ privacy.

A week ago, a lady testified the singer made her yet others write blackmail letters when he was ever charged with sexually mistreating them. 

Prosecutors say Kelly mistreated ladies and women for pretty much 2 decades and the man brought a criminal enterprise involving managers, bodyguards along with other employees who employed ladies and women for sex.  

Kelly has lengthy denied the allegations and the defense has described his accusers as groupies who only began accusing him of abuse following a #MeToo movement.

However, Kelly continues to be plagued with accusations for many years about his sexual behavior. He was charged with producing child pornography in Chicago in 2002, but was found innocent from the charge in 2008.

In Brooklyn, he faces greater than a dozen criminal counts of sex trafficking, racketeering, coercion, along with other charges regarding the the abuse of ladies and women. He’s also charged with producing child pornography and destroying evidence inside a separate situation in Illinois. 

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