Witness Testifies R. Kelly Made Women Write Blackmail Letters To Guard Him Against Sex Abuse Accusations

A witness testified in the court now that R. Kelly made her yet others write blackmail letters when he was ever charged with sexually mistreating them.

The witness, among the several “Jane Does” within the trial, testified on Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court the disgraced singer forced a lot of his female friends to create blackmail letters, including her, the Connected Press reports.

The assertion came after Kelly’s defense faced her with letters that they authored, wishing to discredit her.

“I’m likely to tell everybody you raped me. … I will say you raped me since i have would be a minor,” she read in the letters in the court.

She stated Kelly informed her to create the letters “to safeguard him inside a trial such as this from serious charges.”

Her letter also mentioned that “she would spank herself really hard” so she could accuse the “Ignition” singer of physical abuse, based on Connected Press.

The “Jane Doe,” now 23, also testified that Kelly groomed and exploited her beginning when she would be a 17-year-old ambitious singer. 

The defense also help with evidence they’re saying prove her parents wanted to  exploit Kelly’s fame and power.

The lady belongs to the lengthy listing of alleged victims and accusers prosecutors repeat the singer mistreated for nearly 2 decades.The condition alleges that Kelly brought an criminal enterprise involving managers, bodyguards along with other employees who employed ladies and women for his sexual desires. 

Another “Jane Doe” testified the 2009 week that Kelly also groomed a boy nicknamed “Nephew” which Kelly forced her to have relations with “Nephew” as he was a grownup as a kind of punishment on her.

Kelly has lengthy denied the allegations and the defense has described his accusers as groupies who only began accusing him of abuse following a #MeToo movement.

However, Kelly continues to be plagued with accusations for many years about his sexual behavior. He was charged with producing child pornography in Chicago in 2002, but was found innocent from the charge in 2008.

In Brooklyn, he faces greater than a dozen criminal counts of sex trafficking, racketeering, coercion, along with other charges regarding the the abuse of ladies and women. He’s also charged with producing child pornography and destroying evidence inside a separate situation in Illinois. 

A week ago, Kelly’s former tour manager Demetrius Cruz testified he compensated a $500 bribe to some Chicago public assistance worker to produce a fake ID for that now-deceased singer Aaliyah so she could marry Kelly when she was 15 and that he was 27.

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