Will Thomas Randolph, The Alleged Killer In ‘The Widower,’ Be Attempted For Murder Again?

Marriage hasn’t ended happily for Thomas Randolph. The 66-year-old man continues to be married six occasions — and 4 of individuals spouses died.

Randolph was charged of murdering his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, in 2017, but had his conviction overturned in 2020. The shocking and twisting saga may be the focus of a three-part docu-series, “Dateline Presents: The Widower,” airing on Archiweekend on Monday, August. 16, Tuesday, August. 17, and Wednesday, August. 18 at 8/7c. It’s also open to stream on Peacock and

So, will Randolph be attempted for Causse’s murder again? How about the deaths of his other spouses, who all died mysteriously and left Randolph with sizable existence insurance payouts? Keep studying for all you need to know. 

Randolph has been married to 6 women: Kathryn Thomas, Becky Gault, Gayna Allmon, Francis Randolph, Leona Stapleton, and Sharon Causse. Thomas and Gault are his only surviving spouses. Both testified against him at his 2017 trial for Causse’s murder, according to some 2017 Vegas Review-Journal report, with Thomas calling him “controlling, manipulative, and psychologically abusive.”

Gault, his second wife, died from the gunshot wound in 1986, after 3 years of marriage, The Vegas Sun reported in ’09. Her dying was initially ruled a suicide, and Randolph collected a $250,000 existence insurance payout. However in 1988, an old co-worker of Randolph’s named Eric Tarantino came forward and claimed he and Randolph had plotted Gault’s murder, even though they did not move forward with any one of their schemes together, based on the outlet.

While waiting for trial, Randolph attempted to possess Tarantino murdered: He offered a officer posing as a success man $2,000 to kill Tarantino. Randolph was subsequently billed with conspiracy to commit murder, that was later reduced to legal witness tampering. He pled guilty to that particular charge, but was found innocent in Gault’s murder in 1989, The Vegas Sun reported.

Francis Randolph died following heart surgery, according to the Review-Journal. A witness in Causse’s trial claimed that Randolph offered him money to kill her, but stated he backed out while he was scared of Randolph.

Stapleton died of cancer, based on Randolph, and very little else is famous about her.

Randolph was ultimately in prison for murdering Sharon Causse along with a person called Michael Miller in May 2008. Randolph claims Miller broke to their home and shot Causse, so he wiped out Miller. Prosecutors, however, contended that Randolph hired Miller to murder Causse after which wiped out the hitman to pay for his tracks. 

In 2020, Randloph’s conviction was overturned through the Nevada Top Court, as officials determined after an appeal that evidence presented at his trial concerning Gault’s death tainted the jury’s objectivity, the Vegas Review-Journal reported. Presently, Randolph has been locked in High Desert Condition Prison waiting for his new trial.

Randolph’s new trial is presently set to start on May 9, 2022, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, told

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