Who’s Restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow, An Earlier Investor In Pure Wine And Food?

Lots of people, from investors to relatives to employees, were victimized by vegan restaurant owner Sarma MeIngailis who gave millions from her company off to her gambler husband Anthony Strangis. Restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow, who had been an earlier investor in Pure Wine and food, required an enormous loss.  

Chodorow financially backed Melngailis’ Pure Wine and food restaurant which she opened up together with her then-boyfriend and chef Matthew Kenney, in 2004. Chodorow, noted for opening hotspots like Asia de Cuba, believed their concept perform. 

“I am really attracted by new food ideas and new methods for doing things,” Chodorow states in “Bad Vegan.” He was astounded by MeIngailis and Kenney’s idea to possess a restaurant which was all raw and grew to become among the earliest investors. 

That can be a restaurant, in addition to MeIngailis’ One Lucky Duck business grew to become extremely popular for his or her raw-vegan cuisine, the honeymoon phase did not last lengthy. First Kenney and MeIngailis split and both declined to depart Pure Wine and food. Kenney requested Chodorow to expel Melngalilis in the restaurant, but at that time, Kenney were built with a status to be bad with money. Chodorow sided with MeIngailis, another Wharton Business School grad. He offered her center, which in fact had about $two million, but which she then indebted, but which she then owned outright.

As Netflix’s “Bad Vegan” shows, MeIngailis then married gambler Anthony Strangis, who also passed the name Geebet Fox, at any given time when she was deeply indebted to her investors and worker. Strangis claimed to possess huge amount of money, and, initially, helped her out financially. 

However, he started draining her funds. 

He apparently were able to convince her he will make both her and her beloved dog immortal. He claimed he was putting her through a number of tests to do this. These tests needed her to create wire gets in him, on-demand, of thousands and thousands of dollars. Consequently, he guaranteed that they would be a queen in another form and realm which her hopes and dreams on her existence will come true. 

By 2015, MeIngailis and Strangis were on the move from investors and police force. After 10 month these were found holed in expensive hotels in Tennessee.  MeIngailis offered four several weeks at Rikers for grand larceny, criminal tax fraud, along with a plan to swindle. Meanwhile, Strangis received 5 years of probation.

Chodorow continues to be backing and opening restaurants. This past year he told the Commerical Observer that he was preparing to spread out up a brand new place in Miami. 

Center creator isn’t any stranger towards the criminal justice system themself. He spent four several weeks imprisonment for obstruction of justice after acknowledging to supplying an incorrect affidavit about “the improper participation of the partner” in the treating of Braniff Airlines, that they co-owned of within the 1990s, reported the New You are able to Occasions article. The report known Chodorow as “the Jesse Trump from the restaurant world” who participation in 24 restaurants in 2005. He pleaded guilty to 2 counts of obstruction of justice the Connected Press reported at that time.

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