Who’s George Hofstetter, Who Produced The ‘CopStop’ Application Like A Teen?

So that they can prevent police brutality against people of color, one Black teen produced an application that is made to hold police accountable. 

Peacock’s approaching documentary “Use of Pressure: the Policing of Black America” features interviews with plenty of individuals combating injustice and police brutality. George Hofstetter is a such person. He started focusing on his application to avoid police violence as he only agreed to be fifteen years old.

In a TEDxSeattle appearance featured within the documentary, Hofstetter explains that whenever he attended we’ve got the technology event Hackathon, the organizers posed the issue: could an application have saved Trayvon Martin?  Martin was 17 as he was shot and wiped out this year by George Zimmerman, an area watch volunteer. Zimmerman was discovered not liable within the dying of Martin in 2013.

Hofstetter made the decision to do something around the question requested at Hackathon. Now 21-years-old, and also the Chief executive officer at their own tech company GHTech Corporation, he produced CopStop, an application that records video and stores it on the person’s phone when they’re in touch with law enforcement. Additionally, it transmits alerts by text and email, discussing the person’s location with as many as ten contacts. 

“[CopStop] was created from the concept that we have to learn how to alleviate this overwhelming feeling of anxiety that Black folks get, along with other folks of color get when they’re speaking for an officer after she or he pulls you over,” Hofstetter explains in “Use of Pressure.” “It’s absurd that you could seem like you’re frozen, these people who you’re designed to call after anything happens, that you simply seem like they’re prepared to kill you, so I needed to determine some part of the best direction to determine an answer by using it.”

The application caught the interest of football player and activist Colin Kaepernick, who consequently requested Hofstetter to speak with 300 youthful people in a Know Your Legal rights Camp in 2018, San Francisco Bay Area outlet Press Democrat reported in 2019. Hofstetter told that crowd there that his “fear grew to become my inspiration.” Hofstetter has additionally labored with Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf, and Megan Cruz, the ex-U . s . States chief technology officer and assistant to President Barack Obama on utilizing technology for racial equality, the Press Democrat reported.

Now a College Innovation Fellow at Stanford College, Hofstetter states on his site that his goal is to, “truly alter the diversity figures in tech, to get rid of digital divide, and elevate communities of color.” 

“Use of Pressure: the Policing of Black America” debuts on Friday.

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