Who’s Brittney Wood, The Missing Youthful Mother From ‘Monster Within The Shadows’?

On May 30, 2012, Brittney Wood left her mother’s home in Mobile, Alabama sometime between 7 and seven:30 p.m.  It was the final time anybody would report seeing the youthful lady alive.

A brand new docuseries, “Monster within the Shadows” streaming now on Peacock, attempts to solve the mystery of Wood’s disappearance, which brought towards the shocking discovery of the incest and child sex trafficking ring within Wood’s circle of relatives. The facts were graphic and horrifying: victims told police they’d been mistreated ever since they were children by relatives along with other adults. 

But throughout the ensuing proceedings, which uncovered the heinous abuse, it had been simple to forget Wood’s disappearance. “Monster within the Shadows” tries to reframe the storyline around the quest for the youthful mother. 

Thomas Leader, who directed and created the documentary, told, “We would have liked to change Brittney from that link with all the terrible crimes that her family did. We would have liked to lift her from that missing-poster page and make up a three-dimensional character the audience could understand and worry about. We would have liked to place the main focus back on Brittney.”

Wood was 19 years of age when she vanished this year. She informed her mother she would meet her uncle, Donald Paul Holland Sr. Her last mobile phone ping was from River Styx area, where Holland Sr. resided, reported. 2 days later, on June 1, Holland Sr. was found in a secluded wooded area, inside his truck, having a gunshot wound near the rear of his mind. His dying was ruled a suicide, though some, including Brittney’s mother Chessie Wood, suspect Holland was murdered, citing the position of the gunshot wound. Government bodies believe he was shot with Brittany Wood’s handgun, that was found in the vehicle, together with her mobile phone battery.  

Brittney’s closest friend, Tiffany Bailey, told “Monster within the Shadows” that Brittney had purchased the gun for defense not lengthy before she disappeared.

During the time of his dying, Holland Sr. was suspected to be a “ringleader” from the child sex exploitation and incest ring involving multiple people of Wood’s family and the own. Investigators think that Wood herself would be a likely victim from the organized multi-generational abuse, and might have been a vital witness, based on

Wood’s parents reported her missing on June 2, the next day her uncle was discovered, but as time extended on and multiple people, including Wendy Holland, Jesse Holland, Sr.’s wife, received extended prison sentences for child sex crimes, Wood continued to be missing. No investigations of her family and buddies have produced any details about where Wood may be or what could have became of her. 

So that as late as 2020, investigators going after some advice, dug up a website close to the Grand San francisco bay area searching for Wood. However the search revealed nothing. 

Wood was 17 when she delivered her daughter, Payton Holland. In 2018, the neighborhood NBC news affiliate WPMI spoke to Wood’s then 8-year-old daughter, Payton, on what could have been her mother’s 26th birthday. 

“I will give her a balloon. I can’t offer her a hug If only I possibly could,” the small girl said excitedly. “I miss her.”

Chessie Wood hopes that “Monster within the Shadows” will ultimately offer her and her daughter some closure, but she’s started to give up hope that her daughter is going to be found alive. She lately told Mobile’s Fox10 News that although she’s grateful the docuseries has put her daughter’s situation during the news, she’s also finally begun planning for a funeral for Wood, ten years after her disappearance. 

“I guaranteed her that I wouldn’t quit ever until I take my last breath and when this documentary could it be which we’re praying it might be, i was prepared to try it out,” Chessie stated.

The 3 instances of “Monster within the Shadows” are open to stream on Peacock now.

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