Who Have Been The Cleveland Strangler’s Victims?

For 2 years, the town of Cleveland, Ohio was terrorized with a brutal killer.

Anthony Sowell, easily probably the most well known murderer in Cleveland’s history, murdered 11 ladies and hidden their remains in the home and the yard from 2007 to 2009, based on the New You are able to Occasions. The smell am overwhelming, a close sausage shop’s status required a success because individuals were so convinced it had been originating from it. Still, regardless of the poisonous odor and even though Sowell would be a charged sex offender, he would not be introduced to justice until a lady survived an encounter with him and visited law enforcement, reported in ’09.

Sowell preyed on Black women, mainly ones with addictions, luring them into his house of horrors with drugs and alcohol. He’d then rape and strangle them. Some did manage to escape, and five of those women tell their story in “Clicked Well known: The Cleveland Strangler,” airing Saturday, This summer 24 at 9/8c on Archiweekend.

Regrettably, the ladies he murdered should never be in a position to share their story in their own individual words. They are Sowell’s victims:

Very Dozier

Dozier was 35 years of age when she disappeared in May 2007. She was mom of seven children along with a wonderful prepare, based on her family members. Sadly, Dozier battled having a substance abuse, especially after certainly one of her sons died.

“She did not know how to approach not getting her kids round her,” sister Annetta Bell told this year. “To discover her boy had died, that actually considered heavily on her behalf.”

Tishana Culver

Tishana Culver was 33 years of age the final time she was observed in June 2008. However, she drifted interior and exterior her family’s lives so frequently because of drug abuse and stints imprisonment, they did not report her missing.

Culver would be a mother to many children, and also at some point earned a cosmetology degree and trained like a cna.

“She loved her kids,” ex-boyfriend Marcus Manley told “She’d discuss them all the time, and she or he just had this big smile on her behalf face whenever she often see them.”

Leshanda Lengthy

Leshanda Lengthy was the youngest of Sowell’s victims. She disappeared in August 2008 at age 25. At some point, she was receiving targeted grades and taking part in DARE, but her troubled past (her parents were drug users and she or he resided by having an aunt) swept up to her. She was pregnant at 14 coupled with three kids when she was 17.

“She never really were built with a handle on who she was,” Janie Whitehead, a upon the market Ohio Department of Youth Services social worker, told, “and also the cause of her troubles always visited her background.”

Tonia Carmichael

Tonia Carmichael would be a single mother who loved to possess fun but strive: She required classes at Cuyahoga College through the years, had a property license, and labored like a medical secretary, amongst other things. She also loved to decorate up and do her makeup and continue cruises and outings, but her substance abuse overwhelmed her.

“I believe she felt that they could always stop if she desired to,” daughter Donnita Carmichael told

Michelle Mason

“I’d such as the coolest mother on the planet. Anything I needed to place effort into, anything I had been enthusiastic about or happy with doing . . . she’d support,” Shannon Liccardo told of mother Michelle Mason.

At some point, Mason battled to boost her two sons, handling a heroin addiction as well as an Aids diagnosis. But after being shot and losing her eye, Mason switched her existence around. She departed drugs and began living by herself, volunteering using the local AIDS Task Pressure, and dedicating herself to her sons.

Tragically, in October 2008 at age 45, Mason was murdered.

Kim Y. Cruz

Kim Y. Cruz, who had been referred to as artsy having a passion for singing, was the only real Sowell victim who did not have children. However, she would be a caretaker on her father, who had been motorized wheel chair-bound following a spine injuries. In exchange, he pressed her to obtain off drugs and avoid prison.

“Her only desire when she got from jail ended up being to return to her ft and take proper care of her father,” aunt Christine Schobey told

She disappeared in The month of january 2009 at age 44.

Nancy Cobb

Nancy Cobb went missing in April 2008 at age 44. She was absolutely dedicated to her five grandchildren, working to make up for that time she’d lost together with her own three children because of addiction. She resided just three blocks from Sowell and it was friendly with him locally.

“Nancy would be a good person to folks who understood her, it is simply alone who she hurt and mistreated was herself,” longtime boyfriend Adam Johnson told

Amelda Hunter

Amelda Hunter was a complete bookworm, family members told, who stated she always had her nose inside a book. However when she was 14, she grew to become pregnant from the teacher, family claimed. The kid had cerebral palsy, and also the stress from the situation brought Hunter to drugs.

Hunter would will continue to have three more children, although one died from the birth defect. She labored in a number of jobs, including like a beautician so that as a house healthcare aide. She disappeared in spring 2009.

Janice Webb

Family members say Janice Webb prioritized family most of all. She would be a prankster who loved to sing and it was a mom to some boy. She battled deeply having a crack cocaine addiction during Cleveland, though, and went missing in June 2009 at age 48.

“She attempted to obtain from the drugs and attempted to battle it,” sister Audrey Webb told “However it was challenging for her. Buckeye just wasn’t great for her.”

Telacia Fortson

Telacia Forston only agreed to be 33 when she was wiped out. Fortson was utilized growing up, and family members believe her questions regarding her past brought to her drug addiction. A mother of three, she still acquired her senior high school diploma, despite her troubles. She disappeared in June 2009.

“I believe if she’d found the romance she was searching for, she might possibly not have experienced that house,” family friend Debra Johnson told

Diane Turner

Diane Turner was the final lady to become wiped out by Sowell. She was murdered in September 2009 at age 38. A mom of six children, she’d a hard childhood marked by abuse and battled a medication addiction for a lot of her existence.

“She did not bother nobody,” ex-boyfriend James Martin told “A few of these women, they’ll get out there and steal of your stuff. Diane wasn’t like this. . . . She would be a drug abuser, she wasn’t no crook. She did not drink. She was essentially a basic person.”

Sowell was sentenced to dying in August 2011. In 2021, at age 61, he died imprisonment of the terminal illness, The Brand New You are able to Occasions reported.

For additional about this situation, watch “Clicked Well known: The Cleveland Strangler,” airing Saturday, This summer 24 at 9/8c on Archiweekend.

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