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Who Had Been Maury Terry, The Journalist In The Center Of ‘Sons of Sam’ Documentary?

Within the late 1970’s, David Berkowitz, the murderer referred to as “The Boy of Mike” murdered six individuals a number of apparently random shootings that terrorized New You are able to City. When he was arrested in 1977, he confessed and told investigators he’d committed the murders because his neighbor’s dog, who had been possessed with a demon, had told him to. Regardless of how bizarre his motive, the town breathed a collective sigh of relief, prepared to take that Berkowitz would be a mad, lone gunman.

Well, the majority of the city did. Investigative journalist Maury Terry did not think that Berkowitz had acted alone. He was believing that the Boy of Mike murders were a part of a sprawling Satanic conspiracy and that he spent the remainder of his existence attempting to convince everyone around you that he was right. 

In Netflix’s new four-part documentary series, Sons of Mike: A Descent Into Darkness, filmmaker Josh Zeman examines the “Boy of Mike” killings with the lens of Terry’s more and more obsessive conspiracy theories.

Who, exactly, was Maury Terry?

Born in 1946, Terry finished Iona College and at that time of murder spree he was an in-house author and editor at IBM. Like the majority of other New Yorkers, he adopted the situation carefully, however when Berkowitz was arrested, Terry began to determine what he felt was evidence the “Boy of Mike” wasn’t a single wolf. 

He noted, for example, that mug shots from the shooter were sporadic: some demonstrated a curly-haired man who was similar to Berkowitz, however, many witnesses and survivors described the shooter like a tall blonde man. Terry thought that the Carr siblings (whose father Mike Carr, was the demonic dog’s owner and Berkowitz’s neighbor) had helped him execute his crimes. As he started speaking about his theories within the press, he caught Berkowitz’s attention and also the two started a correspondence. 

Terry would will continue to create a career when trying to demonstrate that Berkowitz hadn’t acted alone. He was believing that the killings were a part of a bigger conspiracy that involved from Scientology, to the Manson family, to some cult referred to as Process Church of ultimate Judgement. He printed his theories inside a bestselling 1987 book known as The Best Evil: The quest for the Sons of Mike, making numerous television appearances, together with a 1993 televised jailhouse interview with Berkowitz.

Terry died in 2015 following a brief illness, his obituary states. He was unmarried coupled with no children. Before his dying Terry sent his boxes of research around the Sons of Mike conspiracy theory to Zeman, plus they make up the foundation for the docuseries.

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