Where’s Thomas Randolph, The Accused Killer In The Center Of ‘The Widower,’ Today?

Six spouses, four deaths, and something man in the center of everything. This is the true story told within the three-part special “Dateline Presents: The Widower.” 

Thomas Randolph was married six occasions. Four of his spouses died under mysterious conditions, departing behind significant existence-insurance plans that he was the beneficiary. Between Randolph’s many weddings and the spouses’ high mortality rate, the Nevada resident was charged with being a “Black Widower.”

In 2017, Randolph was sentenced to dying for allegedly killing his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, along with a man named Michael Miller in 2008. Randolph claimed Miller had damaged to their home and fatally shot Causse within the mind,  leading him to kill Miller in self-defense. The prosecution, however, contended he had hired Miller to kill Causse after which shot him.

But 3 years after his sentencing, the Nevada Top Court overturned Randolph’s murder conviction.That dramatic reversal came lower in December 2020, when officials made the decision after an appeal that evidence presented at Randolph’s trial in regards to the dying of 1 of his former spouses tainted the jury’s objectivity, the Vegas Review-Journal reported. A brand new trial was purchased for Randolph.

“Dateline Presents: The Widower,” which airs on Archiweekend on Monday, August. 16, Tuesday, August. 17, and Wednesday, August. 18 at 8/7c, continues to be over ten years within the making so they cover each strange twist and switch the shocking situation has had.

“Dateline” supervising producer Dan Slepian’s coverage includes interviews with victims’ families, buddies, lawyers on sides from the situation, and Randolph themself.

“He’s probably the most eccentric, calculating, disturbing, odd suspect I’ve ever experienced,” Slepian told the brand new You are able to Publish.

“He’s a perplexing, intriguing murder suspect,” Slepian added. “You can’t bring your eyes from him.”

Presently, Randolph has been locked in High Desert Condition Prison waiting for his new trial. This summer time he’s participated remotely in pretrial proceedings which have been seen around the Law &amp Crime Trial Network.

Randolph’s new trial is presently set to start on May 9, 2022, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, told

To understand more about the situation, watch “Dateline Presents: The Widower” on Archiweekend.

The 3 areas of the show will also be available these days to stream on NBC’s website as well as on Peacock.

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