Where’s Colleen Stan, The Kidnapping Survivor Referred To As ‘The Girl Within The Box,’ Today?

For Colleen Stan, the choice to hitchhike from California to some friend’s birthday celebration in Eugene, Or in May 1977 demonstrated to become a fateful one: A few that selected her up kidnapped her, raped and tortured her, and held her captive for seven years before she steered clear of. So, where’s she now?

Stan informs her story in their words in the Archiweekend special “Clicked Well known: Girl Within The Box.” She describes how she thought Janice and Cameron Hooker, the youthful couple that offered her a trip, appeared just like a safe option simply because they had their baby within the vehicle together. But when she is at the automobile, Cameron attacked Stan and forced a hand crafted contraption, a “mind box,” on her behalf. The box weighed about 20 pounds and stepped Stan into an enormous amount of heavy, hot darkness.

Within the next seven years, Cameron regularly raped and tortured Stan. He hung her from the rack, whipped her, and beat her. She was forced to invest days inside a coffin-like box, sometimes using the mind box still on while inside. Eventually, Cameron forced her to sign an agreement saying yes to become his slave. From after that time, the Hookers referred to Stan only as “K.”

Stan was sometimes able to move around — during one duration of her captivity, for instance, she babysat the kids, and it was brought to neighbors because the live-in nanny. Cameron even required Stan her doing family one evening, pretending to become her boyfriend. Throughout the trip, Stan never attempted to flee. Cameron had convinced her he had the backing of “The Organization,” a made-up organization that will pursue her and her family members if she disobeyed him.

Eventually, Janice Hooker were built with a crisis of conscience. After confiding in her own minister, she let Stan go, based on court documents. In August 1984, she told Stan that The Organization would be a lie and required her towards the bus station, where Stan known as her family to wire her money for that bus. She was on her behalf long ago to her family in California.

Janice pleaded with Stan to not go law enforcement, claiming she could rehabilitate Cameron, however in November of this year, Janice herself visited the government bodies and switched her husband in. Cameron Hooker was hit having a slew of charges associated with the kidnapping, rape, and torture of Colleen Stan, along with a media storm commenced.

All of this attention was hard for Stan, especially as numerous asked why she hadn’t left when she’d the chance. Throughout the trial, Cameron Hooker pointed to that particular fact, claiming that although he did kidnap Stan, she voluntarily remained, based on the special. Stan and Janice testified against him, though (Janice was granted immunity as a swap), and most of the terrible instruments Cameron accustomed to torment Stan were proven within the courtroom. Ultimately, Cameron Hooker was sentenced to 104 years imprisonment.

Within the years since, Colleen Stan has already established a daughter and done her better to move ahead. On August. 10, your day she steered clear of the Hookers, she and her family go towards the beach to celebrate having a party. She wrote a magazine in ’09 about her encounters known as “The Straightforward Gifts of Existence,” 

Certainly one of her major existence training? “Don’t hitchhike.”

“I completely enjoy my freedom. Always, always, always. Existence today is nice. You need to learn to reside in the now and never allow that to past drag you back,” Stan told “Clicked Well known: Girl Within The Box,” which you’ll stream here.

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