Where Are Killer ‘Landscapers’ Susan and Christopher Edwards Now?

The murders of Patricia and William Wycherley were shocking in lots of ways including due to how humble their killers made an appearance to become.

It had been their very own daughter Susan Edwards, a librarian, and her accountant husband, Christopher, who shot Patricia, 63, and William, 85, to dying in 1998. The Edwards’ then hidden the Wycherleys within the yard of the Nottingham, England home, the BBC reported in 2014. 

The remains of the Wycherley couple weren’t discovered until 2013, and also the surprisingly cunning more youthful couple stored their murderous secret for a long time. They pretended these were still alive, while laying to buddies, relatives, neighbors, doctors and banking institutions by writing fake Christmas cards and forging financial documents.They pretended that Patricia and William were just traveling and getting a marvelous amount of time in their twilight years.

And also the murder and deceptiveness? That which was everything for? 

It had been accustomed to finance purchasing overpriced Hollywood memorabilia, apparently.

Following a murders, the pair immediately drained the Wycherly’s accounts and required possession of the possessions. They acquired £285,286, many of which visited products just like a bank form with Gary Cooper’s signature for any whopping £3,000, The Protector reported in 2014. Once they were arrested while attempting to flee capture in 2013 at St Pancras Eurostar terminal, a stop working in london, their suitcase was stuffed filled with such memorabilia. 

After their arrest, the pair unsuccessfully attempted to assert it had become Patricia Wycherly who shot her husband William to dying before announcing that they was getting cheating with Christopher Edwards, supposedly provoking Susan Edwards, her very own daughter, to shoot her. A jury didn’t purchase it, and unanimously charged them of murder in 2014. Both were sentenced to twenty five years to existence in 2014.

Both killers continue to be alive and in jail. 

The strange situation may be the inspiration behind “Landscapers,” a brand new dramatized four-episode series set to stream on Cinemax and Cinemax Max on 12 ,. 6. It “tells a distinctive love story involving Chris and Susan Edwards, a apparently ordinary British couple who end up being the focus of the remarkable analysis when two dead physiques are discovered within the backyard of the house in Nottingham.”

Inside it, the pair are performed by Emmy-champion Olivia Colman and Emmy nominee David Thewlis.

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