What Were The Bizarre Promises ‘Shane Fox’ Designed To Sarma MeIngailis In ‘Bad Vegan’?

Vegan restaurant owner Sarma MeIngailis gave millions off to her gambler husband Anthony Strangis. Although some believed that MeIngailis, highly considered like a effective business proprietor, only agreed to be being reckless, she claims in Netflix’s “Bad Vegan” that they had really been brainwashed.

Why did she give a large amount of cash to Strangis, who also passed Geebet Fox? 

MeIngailis, who owns New You are able to City’s now-defunct raw-vegan restaurant Pure Wine and food, claims she gave him millions because she believed his promises. Which weren’t any ordinary promises.

Strangis, who claimed he wasn’t human, apparently were able to convince her he will make Melngailis, and her beloved dog, immortal. He claimed he was putting her through a number of tests that will prove her worth. These tests needed her to create wire gets in him, on-demand, of thousands and thousands of dollars. Consequently, he guaranteed that they would be a queen in another form and realm and would achieve her finest hopes and needs. 

“He convinced me I’d be empowered with techniques I couldn’t imagine,” MeIngailis told Vanity Fair in 2016.“I would get access to limitless sources to ensure that I possibly could grow my brand around the globe, result in the documentary I always aspired to make—the one which would finally change people’s ways which help eradicate factory farming. Essentially, I possibly could do all of the world-altering things I’d been silently longing for. I possibly could help whomever I would like, and remain youthful forever doing the work.”

He continuously guaranteed her the challenges she was long lasting by draining her banking account for him were tests which if she’d belief, she’d eventually have limitless funds.

Based on the Vanity Fair piece, he known these challenges were “cosmic endurance tests.” If MeIngailis obeyed the tests blindly she’d be rewarded with eternal existence and a good amount of whatever she wanted.

She claimed that Strangis informed her that they, and her dog Leon, had all been traveling toward him through past lifetimes. “Among the items I’d be granted,” Melngailis told Vanity Fair, “Leon would be also immortal and safe to become by my side for eternity.” 

Strangis has denied making these claims, but recorded telephone calls incorporated in “Bad Vegan” seem to suggest otherwise.

By 2015, after warrants were issued for MeIngailis and Strangis due to their outstanding financial obligations, they went on the move. These were found ten several weeks later in a hotel in Tennessee. MeIngailis offered four several weeks at Rikers for grand larceny, criminal tax fraud, along with a plan to swindle. Meanwhile, Strangis received 5 years of probation after pleading guilty in 2017 towards the same charges.

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