What Went Down To Some Waitress Who Disappeared From The Rural Nebraska Tavern In 1989?

Residents of the small farming town within the Midwest started to suspect each other following a well-loved hostess disappeared from the local tavern.

Catherine Beard, 31, increased in Ord, Nebraska, the place to find the Some Other Place tavern, where she labored as part-time waitress. It had been her night off, and also the social lady visited the bar on May 31, 1989 to mingle and find out a couple of from the familiar faces of Ord. But at closing time, Beard’s manager and friend didn’t know where she went, finding her cigarettes and keys still in the bar.

The manager increased concerned and known as law enforcement. While there wasn’t any apparent emergency, government bodies came at the same time and spoken with the patrons. Several stated they saw Beard speaking having a local person called John Oldson.

“John Oldson and Cathy Beard did know one another,” former Valley County Prosecutor Curt Sikyta told “Buried outside,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. “I think Cathy considered him a bit of a buddy.”

Witnesses saw Beard and Oldson leave with the back exit and in to the alley.

When government bodies later asked Oldson, he accepted he attempted hitting on Beard but stated that they rebuffed his advances. Because they spoken behind the bar, Oldson stated a pickup with two unknown men opened up, and Beard voluntarily playing them.

Another witness also saw Beard enter into the pickup within the alley.

Running on the partial license plate number Oldson presented to police, investigators looked everywhere but tend to not look for a vehicle that suit the outline. With no leads, they came back to Oldson, who allow them to search his truck.

“Law enforcement collected whatever samples they might find,” stated Sikyta. “And everything returned that there wasn’t any DNA trace that belonged to Cathy.”

However, what struck officials was that inside a town like Ord, where crime was rare, another crime had put on the night time of Beard’s disappearance.

“On exactly the same night Cathy Beard turns into a missing person, there is an armed robbery in a motel,” stated Jay Morrow from the Nebraska Condition Patrol.

The victim would be a Colorado seed salesperson in Ord on business, telling police he met two men in a random bar. After consuming using the men, the salesperson offered cash when the duo may find him a lady companion for that evening. They returned towards the visitor’s motel room, in which the couple brought out a shotgun and conned him.

Government bodies were quick to recognize the crooks as two locals named Rex White-colored and Glen Hall. These were known out and about for his or her mischief, however they didn’t match the outline of these two men that Beard left. However, police force learned the duo required the salesperson to Some Other Place tavern to consider Beard.

“And they walked in and it was asking where Cathy was,” stated Ray Karschner from the Nebraska Condition Patrol. “It sprang within their mind that Catherine Beard could be someone who they’d find for him.”

Rex and Glen couldn’t find Beard in the bar, and also the salesperson claimed he’d never witnessed her. But further analysis elevated suspicion when government bodies spoken with the foreman of the job site.

“Mr. Hall and Mr. White-colored labored for any construction crew,” stated Sikyta. “And their boss indicated to investigators at some point he had overhead Rex White-colored say they’d wiped out someone and cut them up and indicated that they’re going to be hidden somewhere.”

A bag of lime had also disappeared in the construction site. Could Beard’s body exist?

Investigators achieved searching warrant and looked a lately built layer of concrete in the worksite. For their disappointment, they found nothing. Soon, White-colored and Hall were removed as suspects.

Catherine Beard’s situation went cold until April 1992 when kids happened on skull fragments on “Party Hill,” where teenagers frequently drank and partied. Police found more bones scattered around the farming property.

“Based around the evidence, the harm towards the skeletal remains, we understood it had become a homicide,” stated Karschner.

Government bodies found the sweater Beard was last reported putting on hidden in the region. Someone cut an opening from the stomach area. They collected bloodstream in the sweater and compared it to Beard’s mother’s DNA, showing the remains belonged to Catherine Beard.

An autopsy determined Beard sustained both blunt pressure and sharp pressure trauma.

Police switched their attention to Rex White-colored and Glen Hall, who witnesses heard speaking about Beard before she disappeared in the tavern. But White-colored and Hall passed a polygraph test.

“Basically, we’re feeling that Glen Hall and Rex White-colored [were] both attempting to seem tough and intimidate people,” stated Ray Karschner from the Condition Patrol. “As far to be suspects, these were discredited and disproved.”

Investigators also removed the Colorado seed salesperson to be involved with Beard’s murder. The suspect list had reduced, departing them no option but to go back to original witnesses in the bar, including John Oldson, the final known person to determine Beard alive.

For their surprise, Oldson is at jail on charges of sexual assault. Oldson was charged with grabbing a service station clerk as she left work and pinning her down. He lifted her shirt and applied her stomach, based on the prosecution.

Still, years after Beard’s disappearance, Oldson’s story didn’t change, and absolutely nothing connected him to her murder. Once more, the situation went cold. 

This Year, greater than 2 decades later, the Nebraska Condition Patrol released decking of handmade cards to flow with the prisons. Each card featured another cold situation, with Beard’s on the pair of spades. An inmate contacted government bodies as he recognized the woman’s story.

“The cellmate was incarcerated in Valley County with John Oldson,” stated Casey Hurlbert from the Valley County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators introduced their focus to Oldson and learned he was charged in 2003 for sticking hypodermic needles within the abdomens of his two stepdaughters. He was launched from prison in 2005. Remembering the prior assault where Oldson applied a woman’s stomach, and also the hole withdrawn from the stomach area of Beard’’s sweater, government bodies reported Oldson’s alleged stomach fetish (referred to as alvinolagnia).

What concerning the second witness who claimed to determine Beard enter into a pickup with two unknown men the night time she disappeared? Investigators returned towards the bar 21 years later and determined the position where the witness allegedly saw Beard could have been impossible. The witness later recanted.

“I suspect he only agreed to be looking to get attention,” stated Karschner.

Government bodies arrived at to Oldson’s sister, who they hadn’t interviewed within the initial 1989 analysis. She told detectives that Oldson visited great lengths to wash his pickup the next day Beard disappeared.

Even though the evidence against John Oldson was circumstantial, the county attorney went ahead and billed him with murder.

While waiting for his 2012 trial, Oldson’s mother came forward having a shocking announcement: She’d proof that Oldson wasn’t the one that murdered Beard, supplying government bodies by having an unmarked envelope. Inside would be a diary documenting a property north of Ord in which the proprietors allegedly ran a “sex slave ranch” and held women captive before murdering them. The diary records alleged that Beard was certainly one of their victims.

“It seriously interfered with this prosecution,” stated Glenn Clark, former Valley County Attorney. “You just gotta really question in the event that diary holds true.”

Investigators visited question the pair who owned the ranch. At that time, the husband passed away, but government bodies interviewed the 80-something-year-old widow.

“She would be a frail old lady, and you’re searching at her saying, ‘I don’t think so,’” stated Clark. “’Not even just in her youth.’”

Experts claimed her handwriting didn’t match the journal records. But who’d make such bold claims from the widow? She recommended Doug Olson, a ranch hands who grew to become bitter after he felt cheated through the widow from a bit of land.

Doug Olson accepted to writing the diary and making false claims against his neighbors. He was billed with evidence tampering.

In The month of january 2013, the trial of John Oldson finally started. The prosecution mentioned their thought that Oldson sexually assaulted Beard after she rebuffed his advances. He allegedly put Catherine at the back of his pickup and murdered her before dumping her body around the remote Party Hill.

The jury found John Oldson responsible for second-degree murder. He was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

“You could just tell, inside the community, it had become a brick off everyone’s shoulders,” stated a tearful Hurlbert. “To get justice for Cathy was what everyone wanted. Which was our goal, and that’s what we should got.”

Today, Catherine Beard rests inside a grave near her mother’s.

John Oldson is constantly on the serve his existence sentence at Tecumseh Condition Correctional Institution.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Buried outside,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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