‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ New Doc To Research Star’s Mysterious Dying

Actress Brittany Murphy was effective, beautiful, and gifted so when news broke of her sudden and mysterious dying just 32 years of age, it sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Rumors persist even today by what really wiped out the starlet, who appeared to stay in the best of her career and existence. 

A brand new docuseries is planning to answer that question, or at best offer more understanding of her tragic dying.

A clip for that two-part Cinemax Max series, set hitting the streaming platform on Thursday, dropped a week ago. 

The “intimate, in-depth character portrait of actress Brittany Murphy” offers to go “beyond the headlines” look around the mysterious conditions surrounding her dying. She collapsed in her own bathroom in ’09 and died after experiencing a heart attack. Her reason for dying was listed as pneumonia with secondary factors of iron deficiency anemia. Just five several weeks later, her husband Simon Monjack died of the identical causes within the same La home.

As you part of a clip puts in, Monjack was an alleged disadvantage man who stored Murphy from her buddies and family members. He was arrested in 2005 on charge card fraud and thievery allegations as well as in 2006, he was accused of nearly 500, 000 dollars after being evicted from four different homes, the New You are able to Publish reported in ’09.

“What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” will dive in to the many rumors and conspiracy theories that came about from her and her husband’s deaths. 

“Brittany’s father was sure someone tried it,” one individual states within the trailer.

Angelo Bertolotti, Murphy’s father told “Hello America” in 2013 he believes his daughter was poisoned.

“I’ve got a feeling there would be a definite murder situation here,” he stated.

Murphy’s mother Sharon Murphy, whom tabloids claimed shared a bed with Monjack after Murphy’s dying, has emphatically ignored such claims.

The teaser also dives into sexist pressures the actor suffered to slot in into Hollywood standards.

“She wasn’t an average pretty girl,” one individual states, because the trailer dives into her extreme weight reduction and makeover. She was noticeably thinner in films like “8 Mile.”

The docuseries will feature archival footage and interviews with individuals “closest to” Murphy.

“What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” debuts on March. 14.

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