‘We’re Likely To Tackle The Rumors’: ‘Cold Justice’ Team Involves Surprising Conclusion In Candace Hiltz Situation


At 17, Candace Hiltz faced the next full of options and challenges. She was a fantastic student and imagined of likely to school. She would be a devoted mother by having an infant daughter, Paige, who had been born with hydrocephalus.

Tragically, Candace’s existence found a surprising and violent finish. On August 15, 2006, right before Paige’s first birthday, Candace was brutally murdered in her own home in Fremont County, Colorado. She endured seven gunshot wounds, including six to her mind and something to her chest, canon’s City Daily Record reported. Paige was discovered only a couple of ft from her mother’s lifeless body.

15 years following the murder, theories about who wiped out Candace have circulated locally as well as on podcasts. Could it have been a relative? Could it have been a crooked cop as her mother, Dolores, has stated?

Within an expanded episode of “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend, veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and investigator Abbey Abbondandolo visit Fremont County, Colorado to help using the situation. 

Alongside Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Det. Peter Rasmussen and Undersheriff Derek Irvine, they digs deep to sort truth from hearsay. 

“This situation leaves a black cloud over this office,” stated Irvine, adding that investigators are contending with “rumor control, social networking, podcasters which will perform a story about this situation without the details.”

Investigators begin by reviewing the savage murder. Jesse Weaver, Candace’s boyfriend and Paige’s father, had arrived at the home and located Paige apparently alone. He known as Dolores, who found Candace stuffed within bed.

Candace had endured a .410 shotgun wound towards the face, a 45 Lengthy Colt revolver wound towards the chest, and five .22 models to the rear of her mind. There wasn’t any robbery or sexual assault.

The initial analysis started with individuals near to the victim. Weaver was interviewed and removed like a suspect. Candace’s brother, James “Jimmy” Hiltz, who’d worked with assorted mental issues, seemed to be an earlier suspect. 

During the time of the murder, Jimmy had separated from his wife and youngsters and it was living destitute within the hillsides behind his sister and mother’s trailer. He would be a suspect inside a string of local burglaries. Jimmy went missing after Candace’s murder along with a manhunt ensued.

There was a between Candace and James over her dog, that was found dead, shot having a .22 caliber gun. The initial analysis did not link Jimmy straight to the murder, and also the situation went cold. 

In 2016, it reignited once the items in an individual storage locker owned by former Fremont County Sheriff’s Office detective Robert Dodd, who had been initially responsible for overseeing Candace’s situation, were auctioned off. The contents include files and evidence linked to her murder. Red flags were elevated.

Dodd was charged in 2018 for official misconduct and abuse of public record information.

Since that time, accusations endured, and podcasts fanned the flames, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office was active in the murder.

“Candace’s mother initially told investigators that they suspected her boy, Jimmy, as the one who wiped out Candace,” states Siegler, adding that Dolores altered her mind following a couple of days. Since Dodd’s conviction, Dolores has openly voiced her distrust from the police.

“We’re likely to tackle the rumors about Candace’s murder,” states Abbey. They start with one purporting that Candace were built with a verbal altercation having a sheriff’s deputy by which she accused him of taking bribes. The rumor mill maintains the officer wiped out her dog like a warning, then murdered her.

Within an interview, Sgt. Trace Hall states he was the officer who interacted with Candace. Hall visited the Hiltz trailer to talk with Dolores about   Jimmy’s participation in another burglary. Based on Hall, Candace intervened and yelled at him. He requested the teenager to avoid his conversation together with her mother.

They determines the theory that cops were built with a motive to kill Candace, along with the dog, is unsubstantiated. 

Investigators interview former Sheriff Jim Beicker, who initiated the Dodd storage-shed analysis. “According towards the former Sheriff, many of these products were collected within the forest after Candace’s murder,” states Siegler. “They were initially regarded as potential evidence but later considered to become trash.” They ought to happen to be correctly discarded, based on Beicker.

The “Cold Justice” team systematically reviews evidence retrieved in the locker — a blanket, an ornamental axe, along with a period of dirty rope — to check these to details concerning the crime scene. They rule the products out to be associated with the murder.

“What Dodd did was stupid also it could it have been was from idleness,” states Beicker. “But he didn’t intentionally compromise this situation.” Or take part in a protective cover-up, adds Siegler.

Dodd echoes that sentiment. “I messed up,” he states, later adding he was “embarrassed for that mistake I created using the home. Personally i think guilty about speaking relating to this. Because we have to concentrate on Candace.”

Investigators turn their focus on Jimmy, that has been interior and exterior a mental hospital. Inside a phone interview, Jimmy’s ex-wife, Jessica, punches an opening within the family’s insistence that Jimmy was not capable of violence. 

She states he endured from delusions, an ailment exacerbated by his drug abuse. “Jimmy’s attacked me previously,” she stated. Inside a separate interview, Jesse Weaver, Candace’s ex-boyfriend, remembered a couple of other cases of Jimmy becoming physically violent.

Another rumor about Jimmy was he didn’t own any firearms. Investigators discover guns and ammunition matching those accustomed to kill Candace were among products stolen in a number of local burglaries in the year 2006. 

There is additionally a rumor there were multiple shooters in Candace’s slaying. Forensic firearms expert Chris Robinson demonstrates another theory of merely one shooter using two different guns. Also, he  believes the gun accustomed to get rid of the dog was exactly the same one accustomed to murder Candace.

“We can finally get rid of the theory that Candice might have only been wiped out by multiple shooters,” states Siegler. 

Investigators turn their focus on a bit of physical evidence retrieved in the area where Jimmy was residing in the hillsides.

“This mysterious bone fragment continues to be relaxing in evidence for fifteen years,” states Siegler. “So we’ve sent them back to the DNA lab for analysis. Whether it matches Candace’s DNA, that’ll be an enormous bit of evidence that Jimmy might have discarded it within the same forest where he was living and burglarizing homes.”

The bone fragment did actually match Candace’s DNA. 

After reviewing all of the evidence, Det. Rasmussen and Undersheriff Irvine presented the situation against Jimmy Hiltz towards the DA. “She likes the situation,” states Siegler, “but is not prepared to move ahead at this time.” 

Upon hearing the “Cold Justice” conclusions, Dolores Hiltz will not believe that the circumstantial evidence suggests her boy killing her daughter. 

To understand more about this situation, watch “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. You’ll find more episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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