Wedding DJ Who Confessed In 1992 Cold Situation Slaying Now Insists He’s Innocent

A Pennsylvania dj who confessed towards the 1992 slaying of the elementary teacher 2 yrs ago has become trying to withdraw his guilty plea.

Raymond Charles Rowe, 52, told a Lancaster County court he’s innocent on Thursday within the brutal murder of  Christy Mirack.

Mirack was discovered beaten, clogged, and raped in her own East Lampeter Township home on 12 ,. 21, 1992. She labored like a sixth-grade teacher in Harrisburg. The Lancaster County lady was 25 during the time of her dying.

The case quickly went cold, but Rowe, a dj who performed underneath the pseudonym “DJ Freez,” confessed to Mirack’s murder in The month of january 2019. He was arrested last year after detectives linked his DNA available on gum along with a water bottle he’d discarded throughout a gig he’d performed in an grade school. 

Rowe was ultimately recognized by police force after his half-sister, who resided nearby where Mirack, was wiped out. She’d submitted her DNA for an online genealogy database.

“He has told us he made it happen,” Patricia Spotts, Rowe’s defense attorney in 2019, told a legal court in a hearing that year. “The person standing with me at night has accepted his guilt.”

At that time, Rowe didn’t contest his guilt and it was sentenced to existence in jail on murder, rape, along with other charges, including yet another 60 to 120 years. 

“I am sorry, mister, towards the family,” Rowe, then 50, told Mirack’s family after pleading guilty. “I can not imagine what you are dealing with.”

On Thursday, Rowe told prosecutors and Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker he’d lied as he pleaded guilty greater than 2 . 5 years back, WGAL-TV reported. 

“So we are designed to believe a liar?” Assistant Da Ande Gonzales requested him in the court, based on LancasterOnline. 

Rowe responded by telling prosecutors, “Free will and having to do things by treatment and threats are a couple of various things.”

Rowe, who met Mirack in a Lancaster bar, now claims he’d a consensual sexual relationship using the teacher. He accepted to getting sex with Mirack hrs before she was murdered but denied taking any kind in her own killing. 

Rowe also requested the judge for more Paternity testing within the situation, including on key bits of evidence, like the cutting board Mirack was bludgeoned with, a toaster, and also the educator’s sweater, based on WGAL.

Also, he claimed his past public defenders were ineffective. The happy couple of defense attorneys under consideration aren’t utilized by the general public defender’s office anymore but are scheduled to look in the court the following month, based on Penn Live. 

Rowe has since retained a Philadelphia-based appellate lawyer, Todd Mosser, who wasn’t immediately readily available for comment when contacted by on Monday. Lancaster County Da Louise Adam, also declined to discuss the pending situation.

Rowe is scheduled to look in court on Sept. 2.

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