‘Wear A Wig — No Makeup’: Divorce Attorney Plots To Finish Her Marriage By Getting Her Sister Kill Him

Shortly before 11 p.m., Jose Garza, a 51-year-old veteran La city prosecutor, was on his method of getting an frozen treats bar for his wife from the freezer within their garage when barking dogs roused his accusations. 

Before going to the garage, he armed themself having a semiautomatic hand gun he stashed inside a bathroom within their home in Sylmar, a L.A. suburb. When Jose entered the garage, he was ambushed and fired upon by someone putting on a hoodie. The house invader’s shot missed, but Jose, who came back fire, hit his mark. 

A 911 call went reporting that the resident had shot an burglar, based on “Mastermind of Murder,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. 

The Garza family, including his wife, Nicole, 32, as well as their three children all younger than 4, were hustled outdoors, as the now-upon the market L.A. Police Department Detective Lindy Gligorijevic looked the home. There wasn’t any manifestation of forced entry, she told producers.

The burglar, who had been referred to as being outfitted just like a ninja, was come to a healthcare facility to become treated for that gunshot towards the abdomen. The shooter’s gun and bloodstream was on the ground from the garage. Also found would be a wristband having a answer to a Ford Bronco hooked into it. Police looked the area for that vehicle that suit the important thing, wishing it would hold clues to succeed the situation.

Investigators also looked for any motive behind shooting Jose, whose job involved prosecuting misdemeanors. Even though the likelihood of someone seeking revenge on him appeared fairly remote, it needed to be considered. Government bodies found that he stored numerous guns in the home. 

“He would be a lawyer. He certainly saw the more dark side of humanity,” his daughter Emily told producers.

His wife, Nicole, would be a divorce and divorce attorney. She may also happen to be targeted. Police also considered the potential of cheating resulting in a motive for murder. Jose had been married two times before getting married with Nicole. 

In the police station, the Garzas were asked individually. Jose was focused on confirming this would be a “good shooting,” and therefore firing in the burglar was justified.

Nicole, however, lounged lazily within the interrogation room. She didn’t have the symptoms of a care on the planet, based on Gligorijevic. Nicole described that they and her husband had just had sex before she requested he fetch her a diet frozen treats bar.

In the hospital, though, the shooter was recognized as Nicole’s sister Lynette LaFontaine-Trujillo, a surprising proven fact that investigators didn’t show the Garzas. The thought helped steer the road of questioning back in the police station. While Jose was puzzled why his sister-in-law was area of the current conversation, Nicole didn’t question a factor. For investigators, Nicole’s insufficient fascination with why Lynette’s name emerged would be a warning sign.

Detectives found that Lynette labored like a waitress coupled with various issues, including struggles with drugs, men, self-confidence, and her appearance. Her children resided using their particular fathers.

Not lengthy following the shooting, the Bronco was located a couple of blocks in the Garza home. Inside it, investigators found a bag full of scraps of paper with writing in it. It had been guaranteed as evidence. A forensics team painstakingly reassembled the items of paper just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Once the paper scraps were put together again, it had been obvious the letters were written to Lynette. She wasn’t the writer of these. 

Investigators suspected the frequent utilisation of the word “mom” and phrases like “You possess the mental stamina … to get it done and end up forgetting it … more powerful than you allow yourself credit for” pointed to Nicole Garza because the author from the letters. 

“Wear a wig — no makeup … take the mitts,” the bits of paper read. “Bullets use facing toward the leading from the gun.” It had been, an investigator stated, an instructions regarding how to commit murder. 

Gligorijevic observed the notes touched upon all areas of vulnerability for Lynette and appeared to become written to push her buttons.

Investigators learned that Nicole colored an image of herself to her sister because the victim of domestic abuse. Which was one good reason to kill Jose. There have been also financial reasons. Jose were built with a existence insurance plan, a pension, along with other valuable assets. Nicole may need her husband’s dying, investigators theorized, and she or he consequently might make his demise worthwhile for Lynette to get familiar with a murder plan hatched by Nicole.

Nicole Garza was arrested 2 days following the shooting when police switched up proof of the things they stated would be a plot to get rid of the veteran city prosecutor, reported UPI in 1996. Lynette, who’d used certainly one of Jose’s guns, died two days after being shot, though.

Nicole was billed with murder on October 8. Under California law, an individual could be billed with murder if her alleged accomplice is wiped out during commission from the crime. 

Nicole Garza pleaded guilty to voluntary wrongful death and attempted murder. The trial judge known as the situation “a Kafka story using its darkness, using its twists and turns.” Jose known as the occasions “an aberration” but still supported his wife, attributing her erratic behavior to weight loss supplements.

In The month of january 1997 Nicole Garza received a sentence of fifteen years to existence. She’s now married to a different man and resides in Arizona.

To understand more about the situation, watch “Mastermind of Murder,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes on

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