‘We Believe He Isn’t That Evil:’ Maya Millete’s Family Hopes Suspect Husband May Lead Cops To Her Body

The household of Maya Millete hopes that her husband have a change of heart and admit towards the murder from the mother of three, to allow them to recover her remains.

Ray Millete was arrested a week ago for that killing of Maya “May” Millete, 39, who disappeared within 24 hours she scheduled a scheduled appointment with the divorce lawyer. The North Park County Da Summer time Stephan alleged at a press conference last week he wiped out her in their Chula Vista, California home in The month of january. Stephan pointed towards the divorce attorney appointment because the catalyst for that alleged murder. Maya’s remains haven’t yet been found.

However, her family members have hopes that Ray may lead investigators to her remains so she will be laid to relax.

“We are praying he’ll get it done for his kids, that he’ll inform them where mother is,” her sister Maricris Drouaillet told Fox News on Monday. “We feel he isn’t that evil and hopefully he’ll possess a change of heart.”

To date though, Ray emphatically denied any participation in the wife’s disappearance or presumed murder. He’s pleaded not liable to murder and recently claimed that Maya “voluntarily” left him as well as their three children. He alleged inside a petition, intended to have their three kids from her side from the family, that they have been acting “erratically” before her disappearance which “there’s no proof of foul play.”

Ray also stopped cooperating with police right after his wife’s disappearance, an open information officer for that department told back in Feb.

Stephan stated a week ago that Ray that government bodies believe grew to become irate after learning Maya’s call to some divorce lawyer. She stated that Maya had desired to co-parent with Ray while separating using their “toxic relationship.”

“But Ray will not have it,” she alleged.

Stephan commended Maya’s devotion to her three youthful children. She was planning certainly one of her children’s kids birthday parties for Jan. 10 when she disappeared.

“They were the middle of their existence,” Stephan stated.

Ray may also be billed using the illegal having an assault weapon. Police had filed a gun violence restraining order request against him in May, claiming he was owning “illegal assault weapons and unregistered firearms,” posing an “extreme danger towards the public both in the metropolitan areas of Chula Vista and North Park.” Guns were grabbed from Larry’s home because of that request.

Presently, searches are going ahead to discover the missing mother’s remains. Drouaillet told Fox News the searches have concentrated on areas that Ray and Maya visited 2 to 3 hrs from Chula Vista. Throughout the press conference a week ago, Stephan noted that Maya’s remains might be a couple of hrs from the former couple’s home.

“Since the DA’s office gave us a bit more specific place to search, many of us are thrilled,” Drouaillet stated. “It gave us hope that we’ll have the ability to bring her home.”

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