‘We Are Coming For You’: Anonymous Donor Gives $100K To Assist Solve The 2017 Delphi Murders

An anonymous donor has provided $100,000 to assist the analysis in to the 2017 murders of two Indiana teens known across the country because the Delphi Murders.

Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Johnson, 13, put together accurate Love Day 2017 after going missing the day before while hiking on the Delphi Historic Trails throughout a break from soccer practice. Their physiques put together in regards to a half-mile off the hiking trail.

Government bodies have since released video as well as an audio recording of the suspect available on German’s phone, too as sketches of the potential suspect.

The Indiana Condition Police announced on Monday that the anonymous donor gave $100,000 to the Delphi Analysis Reward Fund, which now totals $325,000 and will also be provided to anybody who provides information resulting in an arrest and conviction within the situation.

Condition Police Superintendent Doug Carter told WPTA in Indiana that investigators believe the killer is hiding in plain sight and it is likely still in Delphi.

“There exists a witness. You’ve made mistakes,” Carter cautioned, speaking straight to the killer. “We’re coming for you personally and there isn’t any spot for a heartless coward as if you to cover that will get his thrill from killing little women.”

Liberty’s older sister, Kelsi German has pressed to help keep a spotlight around the situation within the years because the murders.

“In the last four years we’ve been astonished by all of the support and love individuals have for the women,” she told “We’re incredibly grateful for that kind donor that added $100,000 towards the reward fund now. We pray this donation is yet another step nearer to finding justice for Abby and Libby. Please let 2021 be their year for justice! Knowing something, say something.”

The condition police persuade folks to transmit in tips but urge the folks to avoid posting side-by-side images of the sketch and anyone they believe is a suspect on social networking. 

“These kinds of posts don’t assist the analysis and may slander innocent people as well as their families,” they mentioned. “We wish to thank the general public for the ongoing need to help solve this situation, but please this using the thought on others in your mind. The Indiana Condition Police and Carroll County Sheriff’s Department won’t openly obvious anybody within this analysis until an arrest has been created.”

Anybody with details about this crime is inspired to make contact with police force by emailing or calling 844-459-5786. 

When contacting the end hotline, government bodies are requesting just as much information as you possibly can. For instance, the entire name of the individual of great interest, their birth date or approximate age, physical description, address, vehicle information, why they may be involved, and should they have an association to Delphi. Your data is going to be sent straight to the investigative team, which is still positively focusing on this situation every single day. If part of they needs more details regarding your tip, they’ll contact you.

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