Virginia Contractor Will get 3 Existence Sentences For Murder, Rape and Abduction Of School Administrator

A Virginia contractor was sentenced to 3 consecutive existence terms on Monday for that murder, rape and abduction of school administrator who were not impressed with their focus on her deck.

As formerly as reported by, Thomas Edward Clark, 62, was charged throughout a three-day trial in November of this past year.

Investigators found Suzanne Fairman’s lifeless body, fully dressed, and submerged in her own bathtub of her home in Richmond, Virginia on May 9, 2019.

Government bodies stated her pants were thoroughly there were ligature marks on her behalf wrists, based on the Richmond Occasions Dispatch.

Fairman, 53, was webmaster for Virginia Commonwealth College.

Clark was a part of a landscaping crew that labored on Fairman’s back deck. Investigators stated he came back to complete repairs in regards to a week before her murder after she were not impressed with shoddy work.

A bandana that Clark accepted to departing behind is at the restroom where police found Fairman’s body. Also found were a knife, a glove and charging chord which was cut.

Prosecutors stated Clark held the knife to Fairman’s throat because he raped her. Fairman’s hands were tied using the phone cord.

Prosecutors stated his DNA was located on the bloody knife as well as on Fairman’s body.

“It’ll be considered a duration of healing,” Suzanne’s boy, Scott Fairman, stated following the sentencing, based on WWBT. “It’s hard to put that into words because there’s a lot discomfort and thus much hurt, but simultaneously, I’m there for justice I’m here to determine the system works.”

He ongoing: “Through this complete factor, I haven’t shied from something that the prosecutors have explained law enforcement have explained. I needed everything straightforward. Seeing him within the courtroom only agreed to be part of that. Just facing the one who did this to all of us.”

“The crucial part about my mother was that they would be a loving, caring person, treated everyone based, and loved to assist everyone,” Fairman stated, based on the station. “Having her torn from us and also the world it’s impacted many people.”

Clark has denied being accountable for Fairman’s murder.

“I know I am not responsible for these charges, and I’ll take the authority to remain silent,” he told a legal court on Monday.

His attorney, Ali Amirshahi, is intending to appeal, based on the Richmond Occasions Dispatch.

Amirshahi told the newspaper the defense was without lots of time to get ready for the testimony of the FBI agent, who disclosed mobile phone records that put Clark near Fairman’s home.  

Also, he noted that among the jurors lied under oath. Russell Osborne wasn’t a Richmond resident and that he offered on the jury that charged somebody else a few days before.

Clark has past violent offenses, the Richmond Occasions-Dispatch reported.

Greater than 3 decades ago, in 1988, Clark was sentenced to fifteen years for rape. In 2005, he was sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty to attempted robbery.

Fairman told WWBT that Clark had an ankle monitor removed in regards to a week before his mother’s murder.

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