Videos Show Alleged College Sex Cult Leader Lawrence Ray Body Slamming Screaming Victim

A number of shocking videos of alleged sex cult leader Lawrence Ray mistreating his victims were proven throughout his federal trial, including one out of which Ray is viewed tossing a lady down and pinning her lower as she screams and threatens to kill herself.

The videos, that have been proven in the court Tuesday — prior to the trial was stopped after Ray endured an alleged medical episode and it was rushed from court on the stretcher — provided a disturbing behind-the-scenes take a look at his interactions using the Sarah Lawrence university students he met this year through his college-age daughter.

In a single nearly 20-minute-lengthy video acquired by Law &amp Crime, Ray is visible grabbing certainly one of his alleged victims, Felicia Rosario and the body-slamming her lower around the kitchen floor. Her mind could be heard slamming in to the ground before he pins her lower as she flails and screams.

“No more!” she screams. “Get from me, Ray, please! Please leave of me!”

Rosario screams that they really wants to kill herself, whilst professing her passion for Ray within the clip.

“I adore you, Ray. I wish to get wed still. I f—king adore you, bitch,” she stated within the video, also acquired by The Brand New You are able to Publish.

Ray is facing 17 counts of racketeering, sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor, money washing along with other charges regarding the the alleged cult he created by utilizing his power and influence to manage and manipulate the school students, prosecutors say.

Ray allegedly acquired control of his victims by forcing these to make false confessions about attempting to poison him or damage his property, then used the videos to extort money from their store — collecting $two million from his victims more than a 10-year-period.

Among the so-known as interrogation videos performed in the court, demonstrated Ray strongly interrogating Claudia Drury, a lady prosecutors say also, he forced into prostitution.

Within the video, Drury — who’s putting on a gray hooded sweatshirt — is visible crying as Ray faced her about allegedly damaging his website.

“When’s the final time you broken something?” he requested.

“Like, yesterday yes — Well, today since i didn’t let you know about the website,” she stated through tears.

Ray threatened to publish the recording confession on Facebook.

“Everybody available in Facebook land, are you aware Claudia like a truthful person or perhaps a liar? Well, Claudia, what you believe?” he requested, as she hid her face using the sleeve of her sweatshirt and cried. “Look to you. Your feelings sorry on your own. Look, you probably did a problem. You realize what’s shocking, astounding and disgusting? You need to do a problem to another person, you victimize somebody, and you wallow in it and cry about this.”

She later stated she was jealous from the relationship Ray had together with his daughter, Talia.

“I wish which i were built with a relationship along with you as if you have with Talia and my father, however i don’t, clearly,” she stated.

Ray requested her if she attempted to “hurt” him while he was close together with his daughter.

“It’s not jealousy,” she responded. “That’s not what it’s.”

Another video shows Santos Rosario — who testified the 2009 week about having to put on diapers as punishment — is viewed frequently slapping themself while pestering his sister, Felicia, to stop barking and never make any noise.

Ray’s trial was stopped Tuesday as he endured a clinical episode following the videos were performed in the court. His attorney, Marne Lenox, stated that Ray had endured a seizure in a Brooklyn jail earlier that morning and, even though it initially made an appearance he could maintain court, his health deteriorated whilst in the courtroom.

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