Video Shows Cops Poking Fun At Body Cam Footage Of Seniors Woman’s Violent Arrest

Recently released footage shows Colorado cops laughing as you’re watching bodycam footage of the department injuring an seniors lady throughout an arrest.

Loveland police officers arrested Karen Garner, 73 in June of 2020 after Walmart reported she’d attempted to shoplift $13 price of products. 

Garner’s attorney Sarah Schielke has since filed a suit from the department to be used of excessive pressure and heavy bodily injuries throughout an arrest. She claims her client endured a fractured arm and dislocated shoulder. In addition, she states that Garner, that has dementia and physical aphasia, continues to be withdrawn and depressed because the incident. Bodycam footage from the arrest has attracted critique from the department and a week ago, the eighth Judicial District Attorney’s Office announced they have requested the official overview of the incident.

Schielke released new footage on Monday that shows police officers watching the bodycam footage in the police department while Garner sits handcuffed to some bench inside a cell only a couple of ft away.

Arresting officer Austin Hopp and the coworker Darla Jalali watch the footage as Jalali remarks about how much she enjoys watching bodycam footage, evaluating it to reside television. At some point, she asks if Garner is holding flowers throughout the arrest Hopp confirms.

Then, with seeming glee, Hopp asks Jalali and the other male officer present, “Ready for that pop?” 

Once the male officer requested what sprang, Hopp replies, “I think it had been her shoulder.” 

“The comment is made while Karen Garner, that has dementia, continued to be handcuffed to some bench inside a cell just 10 ft from them, alone, confused and crying in discomfort,” Schielke states. “She’d ultimately review six hrs with no medical assistance.”

The Loveland Police Department claimed on April 15 that they only discovered allegations and injuries regarding Garner’s arrest eventually prior. They mentioned they have put Hopp on administrative leave and reassigned an assisting officer.

Following a “pop,” Jalali asks another officials to prevent playing the recording, stating, “I hate this.” 

 “I like it,” Hopp states. “I can’t believe I put a 73-year-old on the floor.”

The Loveland Police Department hasn’t immediately responded to’s request comment.

“The video reveals a grotesque culture of callous disregard for that safety and health of citizens,” Schielke stated. “The officials fist bump each other multiple occasions in self-congratulation for the assault on Garner and also the violence from the citizen who tried to complain about this.”

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