Vehicle Owned By Tennessee Teens Who Disappeared In 2000 Discovered By Youtuber

A YouTuber helps advance a chilly situation in Tennessee after finding a vehicle owned by two teenagers who disappeared 21 years back.

Erin Promote, 18, and Jeremy Bechtel, 17, were last observed in Foster’s vehicle carrying out a party on April 3, 2000, based on Knox News. In November, Youtuber Jeremy Love Sides, scuba diver who chronicles his efforts focusing on missing persons cases on his “Exploring With Nug” page, helped crack the situation available as he discovered the 1998 Pontiac Grand Am within the Calfkiller River in Central Tennessee.

White-colored County Sheriff Steve Page heard about Sides’ efforts via a relative of Promote and could assist the YouTuber narrow in on the specific location.

“On November. 11, 2021, while attending church, Sheriff Page was speaking to part of Erin Foster’s family. They’d requested him if he’d seen the recording assertive, ‘Exploring With Nug,’ and Sheriff stated ‘No,’ but requested her to transmit him the hyperlink towards the website,” based on the sheriff’s page. “Sheriff mentioned as he got home, he checked out the recording and contacted the person.”

Sheriff Page told Sides he may be searching within the wrong location, prompting Sides to look the Calfkiller River near Highway 84.

The very next day, Sides found the automobile with remains owned by a couple inside. Although the families were notified, the physiques haven’t yet been positively identified.

Sides published a relevant video from the dive and recovery on his Youtube page, filming the car’s details, such as the license plate, while underwater. 

For a long time, the situation ran cold, despite tips that brought government bodies to look for Promote in Pensacola, Florida in 2005 and 2006, based on Knox News. Investigators also adopted on rumors that somebody had murdered the happy couple and dumped their physiques within an abandoned well in White-colored County. Other theories surrounding their disappearances incorporated robberies gone wrong, drug deals, and running off together.

Jeremy Bechtel’s mother, Rhonda Ledbetter, spoken with Knox News this year.

“I don’t believe they were given from White-colored County that night,” stated Ledbetter.

While it isn’t obvious regarding how Promote and Bechtel joined the forest, it puts to relax the rumors that ran rampant in Sparta within the years following. This Year, White-colored County Detective Christopher Isom claimed there have been several persons of great interest within the situation, including Foster’s ex-boyfriend, based on Knox News. Isom also indicated he thought that Promote was sighted lower in Florida.

GoFundMe pages were produced for Erin Promote and Jeremy Bechtel.

Based on Foster’s campaign, Jeremy Sides contacted them through their “Justice For Jeremy Bechtel and Erin Foster” Facebook page last October, offering his services totally free with their own equipment.

“The day we thought may never come did, and stunned all of us, departing our heads spinning and our hearts happy yet heavy,” the GoFundMe page mentioned. “Finally, their [sic] going home. We can’t thank Jeremy enough for finally assisting to bring us some closure.”

Sides, whose page has greater than 171,000 subscribers, dives rivers and ponds “recovering stolen or lost property, cleanup the waterways, which help bring closure to families in need of assistance.”

Sheriff Steve Page stated the situation continues to be under analysis and expects to talk about more details because it comes.

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