Vehicle Of Phoenix Man Who Disappeared On New Year’s Eve Discovered By Buddies, Burned

The vehicle of the Arizona man who disappeared on New Year’s Eve has been discovered burnt over the past weekend and the family members are increasing more and more concerned.

Benjamin Anderson, 41, was last seen on Friday, within 24 hours he cancelled getting breakfast together with his longtime friend Daniel Stahoviak, The Arizona Republic reports.

“Ben known as me at 8 a.m. and explained he was feeling tired, and the man wasn’t capable of making brunch,” Stahoviak told AzFamily. “He’d been driving a great deal the night time before and that he was tired. So, I simply stated ‘OK, we’ll talk later’ and that he stated he’d call me later within the day. Which was the final I been told by him.” 

Your evening, Anderson’s aunt known as Stahoviak, saying she couldn’t achieve her nephew another friend known as and stated that Anderson wasn’t obtaining the telephone either, based on the Arizona Republic. Both Anderson’s aunt and Stahoviak observed that calls and texts to his phone weren’t dealing with, so Stahoviak visited Anderson’s apartment to evaluate him.

Stahoviak told news outlets that his friend’s apartment in Glendale is at a condition of chaos which there is money all around the counter. 

“It made an appearance he kind of left in a rush,” he told AzFamily. “What struck us a bit was there is a wet towel in the bed, therefore it made an appearance he’d taken a baby shower at some point, but he never leaves a towel on his bed. His charge cards have there been, his personal charge cards.”

The vehicle that Anderson drove — a 2020 Lexus of his aunt — seemed to be missing.

As a result of calls from Anderson’s buddies, Lexus could track the car using Gps navigation but initially stated they’d only disclose the place to police. Stahoviak told the Arizona Republic they known as — around 7:30 p.m., based on the police — however the police wouldn’t request the data in the Lexus. Certainly one of Anderson’s buddies could end up an over-all location in the vehicle company — which eventually known as the Phoenix police around 9:30 p.m. using the exact place — and recognized it had become within an section of town with numerous hotels, so that they went to look.

Sooner or later well after 10:00 p.m., a police officer known as the buddies to inform them that the company had tracked the car to some Super 8 Motel, however it wasn’t any longer there. The officer, Stahoviak states, said excitedly it had been a “known drug location” and left.

Anderson’s buddies and family stored searching other nearby hotels, and claim they spotted his vehicle around 12:25 a.m. within the parking garage of the Sheraton under 2 miles north from the Super 8 — with a couple they did not know standing outdoors it and something person inside. The buddies left to 911 and alert the Sheraton’s security officer, but were spotted through the individuals with Anderson’s vehicle.The 3 individuals then required served by the automobile, and also the buddies gave chase until it made an appearance the people would use the vehicle to operate them lower. Law enforcement demonstrated up twenty minutes later, based on Stahoviak.

The buddies found the vehicle badly burned inside a nearby parking area from the local UEI College — a for-profit trade and technical college half miles in the Sheraton — at 4:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Anderson’s bag and a few lately-purchased vanity lamps were within the trunk.

Sergeant Andy Johnson from the Phoenix Police Department confirmed to AzFamily that Benjamin Anderson shows up like a missing person. The department hasn’t immediately taken care of immediately’s request comment.

A $10,000 reward is available to anybody who are able to securely return Anderson.

He’s referred to as being 6’1″ tall and weighing a minimum of 250 pounds. He’s light brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears glasses and it was likely putting on shorts, a blue zipped sweatshirt, along with a black t-shirt as he disappeared.

“Ben always saw the great in people… he required proper care of his parents, he required proper care of his aunt and that he did everything on their behalf and absolutely nothing for himself… he was helping his aunt remodel her house… that is why there have been lamps within the trunk,” Stahoviak told AzFamily.

Among the three people seen together with his vehicle would be a slim lady, standing 5’11”, with blonde hair, along with a pink beanie. Another person is referred to as a guy of average height. He should really have dark frizzy hair, and it is either light-skinned Latino or white-colored. There’s no description for that third individual.

Anybody with details are requested to the Phoenix Police at (602)-262-6151.

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