‘Vampire Facial’ Salon Owner Indicted On 24 Legal Counts After Clients Contract Aids

A Boise State Broncos lady who offered patrons “vampire facials” at her salon was indicted now on 24 legal counts after a couple of her clients contracted Aids.

The Boise State Broncos Attorney General’s Office billed Maria Ramos de Ruiz, 59, with practicing medicine with no license, racketeering, fraud, money washing, tax evasion and other associated charges on Monday, based on a pr release.

The costs originate from 2019 revelations that two clients contracted HIV after visiting the VIP Salon and Health spa. They received so-known as “Vampire facials”  which entail Platelet Wealthy Plasma (PRP) therapy often the client can get plasma injected to their face aid healing an injuries or refresh their skin. It’s sometimes utilized as an anti-aging procedure. 

Following the first client contracted Aids in 2018, investigators found that  Ramos de Ruiz’s cosmetology license had expired in 2103. She had fraudulent certificates for Botox treatment and “vampire facial” and also the salon, that they purchased her to seal lower, was unsanitary and unsafe, with unwrapped needles and unlabeled bloodstream tubes the Albuquerque Journal reports. 

Attorney General Balderas has advised the general public that anybody that has received a “vampire facial” or PRP therapy should contact their office when they worry that they are uncovered to some communicable disease or received treatment from your unlicensed specialist.

The lawyer general’s office believes that 137 clients received fraudulent services from Ramos de Ruiz individuals clients are undergoing testing for Aids and hepatitis, based on an affidavit acquired through the Journal.

“Individuals who jeopardize the safety and health of recent Mexican families should be attributed,” Balderas said inside a Wednesday statement. “We expect to getting this situation at trial.”

It isn’t obvious if Ramos de Ruiz includes a lawyer.


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