Uncover What Went Down Within The ‘Final Moments’ Before A Murder In Archiweekend’s New Series

Archiweekend debuts a brand new original series “Final Moments” on Sunday, April 3 at 7/6, with two back-to-back episodes. Produced by Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment and ITV America’s Good Caper Content, the series delves into heart-wrenching crimes if you take a chilling take a look at victims’ last moments alive.   

“Final Moments’ dives deep into heartbreaking crimes with the lens of real footage, pictures and also the social networking in our victims, giving viewers direct understanding of their last moments alive,” stated, Stephanie Steele, SVP of Unscripted Current Production, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “The series provides authentic investigative access our viewers will like, additionally to some much deeper emotional link with our victims through the unforgettable final moments of the lives.”

Hourly-lengthy episode tracks another analysis, by which law enforcement’s efforts to resolve a situation hinge on dissecting the victim’s final moments, utilizing their last interactions with family and buddies, surveillance footage, texts, and social networking posts develop a timeline.

The series premiere follows the times prior to 56-year-old Charles Butler’s disappearance, because he enjoyably records themself travelling New york city and transmits videos of his location to his children. Butler mysteriously vanishes carrying out a night around town together with his new girlfriend. When his children receive confusing texts, they immediately have some understanding is wrong. Police canvas the town searching for just about any indications of Butler, and just what they find of his last moments is shocking. 

Within the second episode at 8:00 pm, one hot summer time day, 17-year-old social networking star Alexis Murphy vanishes. Investigators uncover that moments after she published her final tweet, she was taken on surveillance footage in a local service station. Will her tweets and also the newly found footage cause them to Alexis? 

Other cases covered within the 8-episode season include: 

Stuff You CAN’T UNSEE: When soon-to-be college Newcomer Louise Maples was discovered murdered in their bed, investigators uncover a outstanding clue preserved in the scene. Will clues in Heather’s active social existence help detectives solve her Final Moments? 

A FATAL Grocery Shopping: 18-year-old Kelsey Cruz goes looking for a gift for her boyfriend, however when she never returns home, her family begins to worry. Surveillance in the store reveals a mysterious figure tracking her movements. Is he linked to her disappearance? 

MURDER In The CREEK: After asking to decrease off a magazine off in a friend’s house, 15-year-old Danielle Locklear never returns home. A cryptic clue leads investigators to some teen hangout place, a secluded creek. Is that this location the important thing to unraveling Danielle’s Final Moments? 

A Handy CRIME: While 24-year-old Willard Grandstaff toils away at his convenience store job, he hopes for exactly what the future holds. But, on September 27, 2004, his standard overnight shift becomes his last.  Who wiped out Willard Grandstaff? 

SHE NEVER Demonstrated:  In 2013, college sophomore Alyssiah Wiley is spotted on surveillance footage departing Eastern Connecticut College campus…then she disappears. Government bodies consume a digital trail of clues – to solve her Final Moments and discover her. 

THE Roads ARE Speaking:  24-year-old Lamont Adair just earned the shot to experience professional basketball in China. However when he’s gunned lower in broad daylight, the city goes silent. What secrets will investigators get in Lamont’s Final Moments? 

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