Two Charged With Kidnapping San Jose Baby Face New Charges For Earlier Alleged Attempts

A couple who have been already facing charges within the April kidnapping of the 3-month-old baby now face new charges they made three prior tries to abduct the boy.

Yesenia Ramirez, 43, and Jose Portillo, 28, were arrested on April 26 within the kidnapping of Brandon Cuellar the previous day. Cuellar was saved by police shortly prior to the arrests were announced.

Prosecutors now state that it had not been Ramirez and Portillo’s first make an effort to take away the baby from his family.

Inside a statement released Thursday through the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, prosecutors repeat the two is going to be billed with three prior attempted kidnappings, including one around the morning of the particular abduction.

Prosecutors state that Ramirez — who Brandon Cuellar’s grandmother thought to be her friend — and Portillo tried to kidnap Brandon on March 14, March 28 and earlier within the day on April 25 before ultimately snatching him around 1:00 p.m. on April 25.

They allege that Portillo visited Brandon Cuellar’s home on March 14 and, with Ramirez present, claimed to become an worker with Child Protective Services who had been there to consider child custody of Brandon. His family known as the company, which denied getting sent a staff, and Portillo left.

It’s unclear in the event that interaction was formerly reported to government bodies outdoors of CPS or what, contrary, the company did about this.

Prosecutors further allege that on March 28, Ramirez supported Brandon and the grandmother on the grocery shopping to Walmart, where Portillo was waiting. Their plan, government bodies say, ended up being to switch Brandon’s grandmother’s cart to permit Portillo to depart with Brandon, however they unsuccessful.

Then, around the morning of April 25, Ramirez allegedly again supported Brandon and the grandmother to Walmart in order to make served by the kid, however the two were not able to draw attention away from Brandon’s grandmother for lengthy enough to kidnap the infant.

The 2 were more effective that mid-day, based on police and prosecutors during the time of their arrest.

Brandon’s grandmother told police at that time that they and her supposed friend — now recognized as Ramirez — choose to go to Walmart each morning and came back home around noon. 

“Based on grandmother, she came the place to find this apartment found in the 1000 block of Elm Street, she required the infant within the apartment, went downstairs to unload some groceries,” San Jose Police Sgt. Christian Camarillo stated in a press conference after the kidnapping. “For the reason that almost no time, someone joined the apartment … which person playing the infant.”

They later stated that the lady, Ramirez, was using the grandmother and her story had altered multiple occasions.

Police stated the suspect who required Brandon, now recognized as Portillo, introduced their own baby carrier, walked into Brandon’s grandmother’s apartment and walked served by the kid.

Brandon’s mother and grandmother told police at that time they did not recognize the alleged kidnapper, but he was putting on a nose and mouth mask within the surveillance pictures police could obtain.

“There are couple of things more terrifying than someone stealing a young child, as though they’re a vehicle or perhaps a wallet,” Da Shaun Rosen stated within the Thursday statement. “The more we investigate this situation and also the more troubling it will get, the greater determined we’re to prosecute individuals responsible towards the maximum extent from the law.”

An announcement of details issued within the situation and acquired by NBC News said that Ramirez and Portillo were found to possess stocked on baby clothes, diapers and formula, despite not getting any infant children coping with them.

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