Trial Looking For Man Charged With Sex Trafficking, Extorting, Mistreating Daughter’s Buddies

The trial of the former Sarah Lawrence College father charged with getting into his daughter’s dorm room after which sex trafficking, extorting and manipulating her buddies for pretty much a decade is set to start Tuesday.

Lawrence Ray, 62, faces 17 counts including racketeering conspiracy, violent crime in help of racketeering, sex trafficking and extortion. The jury selection was likely to begin Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court, based on The Brand New You are able to Daily News.

Ray allegedly met his victims after getting into his daughter’s on-campus housing this year, soon after released from the Nj prison.

While residing in the dorm room, government bodies say he started to indoctrinate his daughter’s buddies and roommates through their own “therapy” sessions to “help all of them with their mental problems,” based on a federal indictment within the situation.

But instead of enhancing the students, government bodies have stated that Ray exposed the scholars to “sexual and mental manipulation and physical abuse” that continued for pretty much ten years, even forcing one lady into participate in commercial sex functions for his financial benefit, government bodies stated.

 “As alleged, for pretty much ten years, Lawrence Ray exploited and mistreated youthful men and women emotionally, physically, and sexually for their own profit,” then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman stated when announcing the costs in 2020. “College should be a time period of self-discovery and new-found independence.  But because alleged, Lawrence Ray exploited that vulnerable amount of time in his victims’ lives via a span of conduct that shocks the conscience.”

Based on prosecutors, Ray forced his victims — who eventually moved with him for an Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan — to confess to alleged wrongdoing during videotaped “manipulative interrogation sessions.” Then he used the tracks as blackmail to convince his alleged victims to pay back him for “damages” he believed they owed him or coerce them into forced labor or sex trafficking.

Over these interrogation sessions, investigators say Ray frequently made “false accusations” the victims had either broken the apartment or his property, injured or sabotaged his family people, lied regarding their intentions or attempted to poison him or his family people, based on the affidavit.

“Ray required confessions in the victims through tactics that incorporated lack of sleep, mental and sexual humiliation, verbal abuse, threats of assault, assault and threats of criminal action,” the affidavit states, adding he was ultimately in a position to extract “false confessions” from a minimum of seven people.

Also, he allegedly forced among the victims into prostitution and it is charged with putting a plastic bag over her mind while she battled to breathe in a Manhattan hotel.

Prosecutors say Isabella Pollok, an old roommate of his daughter, helped him control his victims by helping him result in the video tracks.

She’s been indicted by federal government bodies, however is not expected to visit trial before the summer time, based on the New You are able to Publish.

Prosecutors have stated in prior court filings that they’re going to introduce statements produced by Pollock, who they known as his “trusted lieutenant,” during Ray’s trial as well as other statements produced by his daughter, based on The Brand New You are able to Occasions.

Prosecutors stated when announcing the costs that Ray could extort roughly $a million from his victims through the years.

The allegations been revealed following a New You are able to Magazine article delved in to the bizarre connection Ray had together with his daughter’s college buddies as well as their harrowing allegations of abuse.

The trial is anticipated to incorporate testimony from his alleged victims and evidence for example journals and notes.

Prosecutors requested on Sunday inside a letter towards the judge that individuals exhibits document “sexually explicit, violent, or degrading circumstances” including evidence like “Backpage advertisements, that contains explicit photographs, texts with sexually explicit photographs and nude photographs” be filed under seal throughout the trial, based on the New You are able to Publish.

Ray, who once offered because the best man in former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik’s wedding and allegedly used to be linked to organized crime, pleaded guilty in 2003 to bribing a professional of the bond broker included in a securities fraud plan, based on the magazine.

He was sentenced to 5 many years of probation, but later offered amount of time in the Northern Condition Prison in Nj for charges associated with a young child child custody, based on the Occasions.

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