Trial For Florida Lady Charged With Killing Hairstylist Starts With Bizarre Outbursts

The trial of the lady charged with killing her missing coworker continues without her presence following a number of bizarre accusations and outbursts through the defendant.

Kimberly Kessler, 54, was escorted from the courtroom on Monday for disruptive behavior after refusing to allow her public defenders to represent her as well as for falsely claiming her attorney, Jordan Beard, was the victim’s cousin, based on NBC affiliate First Coast News.

Kessler is charged with killing her coworker, missing hairstylist Joleen Cummings.

On Tuesday, Kessler was escorted away once again after being gift for trial for under one minute, based on News4Jax. She reiterated the prior day’s accusations.

“No, I refuse this counsel. I usually have,” Kessler interrupted the judge. “It’s injustice, and long. Jordan Beard is Joleen’s cousin.”

Kessler’s mental health continues to be known as into question since Cummings’ 2018 disappearance. Still, Nassau County Circuit Judge James Daniel found the defendant qualified to stand trial in a third mental competency hearing where the defendant was restrained to some motorized wheel chair after which removed after shouting within the courtroom. Reported by News4Jax, correctional officials testified then that Kessler regularly put her very own feces and urine their way and claimed she also smeared her very own waste around the walls of her cell and her body.

Kessler would also allegedly remove her clothes making obscene comments and gestures.

Kessler has in addition possessed a significant lack of bodyweight since her 2018 arrest. Based on News4Jax, at some point Kessler considered only 74 pounds after a weight hunger strike because she believed her food was poisoned.

Regardless of the judge’s agreement by having an expert psychiatrist that Kessler endured from delusional disorder — talking about her like a “psychopath” — he ruled she was fit for trial, based on First Coast News. The ruling reversed their own 2019 decision that they was incompetent.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper mentioned that Kessler had assumed 17 different identities and resided in 33 metropolitan areas since 1996, as formerly reported.

“I’m unsure what she was avoiding, however this time, she found the incorrect county and messed using the wrong people,” stated Leeper. “Hopefully, she’ll not have the chance to complete anything such as this again.”

Joleen Cummings, 34, was last seen on May 12, 2018 she unsuccessful to get her children the following day for any Mother’s Day outing. 72 hours later, the victim’s vehicle was discovered in a Lowe’s parking area in Yulee, Florida. Investigators stated surveillance video demonstrated Kessler getting away from Cummings’ Sports utility vehicle.

“As she [Cumming] had plans for the following day’s her existence, the defendant had plans on her dying,” prosecutor D Thurston stated at Monday’s opening statements, based on First Coast News.

Although Cummings’ body never was found, a great jury indicted Kessler on charges of first-degree murder in September 2018.

In 2019, a Florida Department of Police Force DNA analysis found Cummings’ bloodstream on Kessler’s boot and sock, as formerly reported. The victim’s bloodstream seemed to be available on a set of Kessler’s scissors as well as in a  storage locker in the Tangles Beauty Salon in Yulee, Florida where both Cummings and Kessler labored. A comprehensive quantity of the victim’s bloodstream was located on the salon’s walls, cabinets, chairs and sink drain.

Prosecutor Thurston told jurors Kessler was seen discarding a bin behind your hair salon, in which the victim’s bloodstream and finger nail put together, based on First Coast News.

Kessler also possessed an invoice that demonstrated she purchased cleaning mitts, ammonia, trash bags as well as an electric knife at about the time Cummings disappeared, based on News4Jax.

A motive for that murder is not determined.

“A large amount of this situation isn’t in dispute,” Kessler’s public defender, Tom Townsend, stated on Monday, based on First Coast News.

Tuesday’s proceedings continue. Kessler remains inside a holding room where she will observe her trial without interfering.

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