‘Ticking Time Explosive device:’ U.K. Lady Sentenced For Stabbing, Dismembering Roommate

A UK woman who had been charged within the 2020 murder and dismemberment of her roommate has been sentenced to 23 years imprisonment.  

Gareeca Gordon, 28, accepted to murdering and dismembering Phoenix Netts, her roommate and former friend. Netts body was discovered burned and stuffed into two suitcases within the Forest of Dean. 

“Her future was searching vibrant, shining and promising,” High Court judge Justice Cutts told Gordon, the Protector reported. “ A brand new start was in front of her. You conned her of this new beginning. You required her in the supportive parents who loved and valued her.”

Cutts described Gordon like a “wicked,” “callous,” and “very harmful youthful lady.”

Netts was wiped out on April 16, 2020, days after she supposedly rebuffed Gordon’s sexual advances.

“There’s a woman here who keeps asking me to become sexual,” Netts wrote in messages per week before her slaying, based on the BBC. “I believe I am likely to return to London. It’s scaring me lol.”

Investigators stated Gordon was “devious,” “cold,” and “evasive” when she is discovered owning Netts’ remains.

“Once they attempted to appear within the suitcase she attempted to push them so officials thought possibly there have been drugs or stolen property inside it,” Gloucestershire Police Detective Chief Inspector John Turner stated. “When they eventually opened up it these were really shocked to locate a dismembered body inside.”

After killing Netts, Gordon impersonated her, officials stated. Detectives later learned Gordon sent texts, emails, and voice notes to Netts’ buddies, relatives, and fogeys pretending is the murdered woman in order to hide the killing. Gordon also downloaded an application that permitted her to edit voice messages — and eventually alter her voice to seem a lot more like Netts’.

“She visited great lengths to pretend Phoenix was still being alive coupled with moved from the area, in addition to great efforts to get rid of her body, wishing her wretched crime would go undetected,” Detective Superintendent Scott Griffiths stated.

Gordon also scoured the web using search phrases for example “How do killers get caught?” “Can someone get over getting stabbed?” and “Can an appearance burn to ashes with gas?” the Protector reported.

Based on court filings, Gordon’s mother, who wasn’t identified, described her daughter like a “ticking time explosive device,” the newspaper also reported. She added, however, that Gordon wasn’t “a bad person in mind.”

The Birmingham lady could have a personality disorder.

Government bodies stated the situation was “extremely distressing” for Netts’ family members.

“Our lives happen to be irreversibly altered and also the anguish is indescribable,” her father, Mark Netts, told a legal court inside a victim impact statement.

“[We’re] forever devastated, forever empty,” Nett’s mother, Saskia, added.

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