‘This Would Be A Bloodbath’: California Gold Gold coin Dealer Shot Within The Mind, 2 Others Wiped out

Newport Beach, California is known for as being a sun-drenched oceanside community. However the tranquility there is shattered on March 14, 1989, when police taken care of immediately a phone call in regards to a robbery in process in a rare gold coin store. 

When officials and paramedics showed up, they saw a guy who’d been shot within the mind. He was walking from the shop “almost Frankenstein style,” stated Richard Lengthy, a upon the market Detective Sergeant using the Newport Beach Police Department. 

Within the store officials found a lady behind a counter along with a man on the ground. Both have been shot. “They were dead in the scene,” Lengthy told “The Real Murders of Oc,” airing Sundays at 7/6c and 8/7c on Archiweekend

The wounded man was recognized as then 36-year-old entrepreneur Bill King, who owned the 4-year-old rare gold coin business. His wife, Renee, 38, that he’d two children, as well as their friend, Clyde Oatts, 45, a goods broker and family man, were the casualties.

The La Occasions reported the murders were “execution style.” 

“This would be a bloodbath,” stated journalist Sharon Katchen, KFWB Oc Bureau.

When requested in the scene by officials who shot him, King, who’d been wounded within the chest in addition to his mind, made an appearance to provide a dying man’s declaration as he stated, “It was Tom. Tom shot me.” 

In the scene spent models, fibers, along with a palm print lifted from the shop counter were collected as evidence. Accounts by witnesses recommended there have been two assailants who fled the scene.

As investigators labored the situation, they discovered that $45,000 in rare coins have been taken. They deducted the shooter was skilled with firearms. When they wished the lifted palm print would create a lead, there wasn’t any match into it in almost any database. 

A substantial bit of evidence in the scene would be a sales receipt. The name around the receipt: Eric Watts, whose address was on the slip because the nearby Tustin Marine Corps Air Station.

Investigators found nobody named Eric Watt in the base. However a military man in the base told government bodies that another Marine, Eric Wick, had says he’d been at a shop and understood concerning the shooting, based on “The Real Murders of Oc.” Wick’s on-file palm print matched the main one in the crime scene.

As detectives raced to discover Wick, the situation required a turn. King, who’d experienced a medically caused coma, obtained awareness

“I understood it had been somebody who I met before,” he stated of his assailant.

Detectives requested King when the name Eric rang any bells. He remembered that the man with this name had enter into the shop to purchase coins – 33 gold Canadian Walnut Leafs worth $45,000 – six days prior to the shooting. The client didn’t wish to leave his name but stated he’d return later having a cashier’s check. 

On March 14, he came back towards the shop, stated King, who remembered requesting the check and immediately being shot. The wounded King crawled to his office to obtain a shotgun. Oatts and Renee King were shot to dying. King, who had been shot as many as four occasions, couldn’t explain why he’d told government bodies he’d been shot by someone named Tom.

So, Newport Beach police went after Wick, a 20-year-old Marine whose father was an FBI agent, to his home in Reno, Nevada. 

With the aid of Reno police, Wick was arrested. Searching of Wick’s vehicle switched in the coins along with a .9mm pistol. He was introduced to Oc for interrogation. Wick gave a complete confession and stated he was the lone shooter, based on defense attorney John Barnett. “It only agreed to be a robbery gone bad. He constitutes a full confession where he implicates only themself.”

On June 14, 1989, Wick was billed with two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, legal robbery and burglary.

Four several weeks following the arrest of Eric Wick, the Marine who’d given government bodies Wick’s name in early stages known as and stated he was told that Wick didn’t act alone. Thomas Merrill, 26, who’d trained Wick fighting techinques, seemed to be there.

Investigators belief that this may be the Tom that King had discussed following the shooting. Merrill would be a sharpshooter who had been bunkmates with Wick. 

“When Thomas Merrill was asked, he told police he’d nothing related to it. However the one problem he had was he did not come with an alibi,” stated Katchen. 

King couldn’t identify Merrill from the photo array. He’d no recollection of ever seeing him before. And Finn Olsen, an eyewitness who’d told police he’d seen two men behind the gold coin store once the shooting happened, helped investigators through the 18-month analysis and it was not able to recognize Merrill among the two men seen in the scene. 

Merrill was arrested nevertheless. Inside a preliminary hearing in March 1991 it had been determined that Wick and Merrill would face trial together.

“Eric’s defense was ‘I’m and not the shooter. I had been just being controlled by Tom Merrill,’” stated Barnett. “He believes when he may help the prosecution convict Tom Merrill, he themself could then obtain a reduced sentence.”

Merrill didn’t go ahead and take stand. Although he maintained his innocence, he could not take into account his location during the time of the murderers. He could have been vulnerable around the stand. 

In This summer 1991, Wick and Merrill put together guilty, but received different sentences. Merrill was handed existence without the potential of parole. Wick received 36 many years to existence.

In 1993, Merrill’s conviction was thrown and that he was granted a brand new trial. The judge ruled the prosecution unsuccessful to reveal that Olsen didn’t pick Merrill from an actual selection and the man frequently told police and prosecution that Merrill wasn’t in the scene, based on the National Registry of Exonerations.

On March 14, 1995,  Olsen testified he didn’t see Merrill in the crime scene. The defense also presented fresh exculpatory evidence. Merrill had withdrawn cash from your ATM four miles in the gold coin shop at about the time from the shooting. The jury came back having a deadlocked verdict in May 1995. 

Merrill faced another trial in nov 1995. Only at that one, defense attorneys contended it had become possible King stated the name “Tom” after he was shot just because a paramedic was putting on an ID tag using the name Tom onto it. On October 13, 1995, Merrill was found innocent.

King supported the exoneration and it is steadfast that Wick was the “lone shooter.”

To understand more about the situation watch, “The Real Murders of Oc,” airing Sundays at 7/6c and 8/7c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here. 

Written by Stephanie Green

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