‘The The Fact Is The Truth’: Amber Frey Prepared To Testify If Scott Peterson Is Granted A Brand New Trial, Attorney States

Scott Peterson’s unwitting mistress, who offered like a key witness for that prosecution in the trial for that murder of his wife, would like to testify again if he’s granted a brand new trial, her attorney stated.

Amber Frey would be a star witness within the highly publicized trial nearly twenty years ago that sent Peterson to prison for killing his pregnant wife Laci, as well as their unborn boy. However that conviction was known as into question this past year once the California Top Court ruled the murder conviction ought to be re-examined as well as purchased a brand new trial for that penalty phase of the situation.

While will still be unclear whether Peterson will get a brand new trial for that murder conviction, Frey’s attorney Gloria Allred stated within an interview on CNN’s HLN that her client is able to testify if required.

“Amber has stated, ‘The the fact is the truth’ therefore if, as with when, a legal court decides to allow [a] habeas corpus petition of Scott Peterson and choose that there must be a brand new trial, quite simply not just around the dying penalty situation but basically the situation in chief, the guilt phase, she’s prepared to testify and she or he will testify,” Allred stated.

Frey grew to become the topic national headlines after it had been says Peterson have been getting cheating using the single mother that started shortly before Laci disappeared in December of 2002.

Frey stated she believed Peterson was single during the time of their relationship and contacted the Modesto Police when she learned he was embroiled within the missing person situation, later saying yes to secretly record conversations she’d with Peterson for investigators. He was charged in 2004.

“It was obvious that they was declaring that truth, that they was hurt, that they was distracted by something just too large that they certainly needed support,” Allred stated of initially meeting Frey nearly 2 decades ago.

Frey would like to once more go ahead and take stand against her former love interest to let her know story, Allred stated.

“Is she searching toward it? No. Nobody is searching toward as being a witness inside a high-profile situation, however, you know, she’ll get it done and she or he recognizes that it’s vital that you the reason for justice for this reason she’ll get it done, if requested to get it done,” she stated.

The California Top Court overturned Peterson’s dying sentence within the situation in August after figuring out the trial judge “made a number of obvious and significant errors in jury selection” and “undermined” Peterson’s to a neutral jury throughout the penalty phase from the trial, based on a court decision acquired by

A couple of several weeks later, the California Top Court also ruled that Peterson’s murder conviction ought to be re-examined after possible juror misconduct.

The misconduct claims focus on a juror who didn’t are convinced that she’d once been harassed through the ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend or divulge that they had feared for that existence of her unborn baby sometimes, based on The La Occasions.

Peterson made an appearance in the court via Zoom from San Quentin Tuesday morning for many proceedings held around the ongoing legal matters, local station KPIX-TV reports.

Bay Area Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo approved a continuance to June 28 within the first hearing, which dedicated to the re-trial for that penalty phase area of the situation.

Within the second hearing, concerning the petition for writ of habeas corpus challenging the general murder conviction, the judge granted Peterson’s legal team a 60-day extension to help investigate juror misconduct claims.

Peterson’s defense attorneys had requested for additional time, quarrelling the COVID-19 pandemic had impaired remarkable ability to completely investigate issue. The judge advised the defense team to accomplish their analysis and hang another status hearing for June 21.

A legal court is anticipated to rule whether or not to grant a brand new trial for that murder conviction later this summer time.

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