The Dying Of The Vietnam Vet Results In The Invention Of The Elaborate Number Of Lies

When Bob McClancy was discovered dead in the recliner having a hand gun in a single hands as well as an empty bottle filled with pills in another, it appeared the Vietnam veteran and former cop’s publish-traumatic stress disorder had finally become the very best of him.

However it would take years — and wish a boy to show against their own mother — before a number of calculated lies were uncovered and the reality regarding Bob’s dying would finally be revealed.

To individuals who loved him, Bob was referred to as a funny man who loved creatures, were built with a kind heart, and it was dedicated to his relatives.

“He just always required proper care of us,” his niece told “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered,” airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend.

After his first marriage fell apart, the Bradenton County Sheriff’s detective found love again by having an aloof but beautiful secretary in the Florida sheriff’s office named Martha Ann.

Martha Ann, a mother to 2 youthful sons, was dealing with an unpleasant divorce and also the pair soon started a brand new existence together, marrying in 1995.

“Bob was very lower to earth and that he trained me several things,” her boy Sean McGavic told “Dateline” correspondent Keith Morrison, adding he’d helped him learn “how to become a man.”

A couple of years once they get wed, Bob upon the market and also the couple gone to live in a large, secluded hillside cabin in Coker Creek, Tennessee. While Martha Ann was still being employed in accounting, the pair made sufficient time to see relatives and buddies and appeared, to friend Debbie Hartman, is the “perfect couple.”

“Never used to I hear them argue and have a sour word against each other. Never. Just very loving,” she stated.

It had been an idyllic existence people, but Bob was still being suffering from recollections from his past. The Vietnam veteran battled with publish-traumatic stress disorder and endured from flashbacks, nightmares, and depression, despite taking heavy medication.

Bob was resolute to conquer the debilitating illness and hang off in The month of january 2006 to have an intensive six-week program operated by the Department of Veterans Matters. There he met fellow veteran Charles “Chuck” Kaczmarczyk and also the pair grew to become fast buddies, even ongoing the friendship when both men came back home.

 But on May 15, 2006, Bob was discovered dead in the favorite recliner at age 56 years of age. He clutched a gun in a single hands, even though it had not been fired, as well as an empty bottle of pills in another. A do-not-resuscitate order have been signed by Bob and left in the kitchen area.

It had been Kaczmarczyk who’d uncover your body and put the phone call to 911.

“The — uh, Mr. McClancy seems to become, uh, expired,” he told the dispatcher inside a monotone.

The dying appeared to become a suicide, although a few of the investigators and Bob’s family had found Kaczmarczyk’s attitude around the 911 tape and dads and moms that adopted as surprisingly unemotional and almost cold.

At the time of his dying, Hartman still remembers coming in the couple’s home to locate a frantic Martha Ann.

“The a couple of us just sitting there and hugged one another and bawled and, you realize, just cried our eyes out. It had been horrible,” a psychological Hartman remembered.

Martha Ann and Kaczmarczyk remained in contact, apparently to assist one another through their grief. But Hartman soon started to suspect the pair’s relationship had switched romantic, realizing on the cruise the buddies required together that Martha Ann and Kaczmarczyk frequently used matching outfits and Kaczmarczyk had started ordering for Martha Ann.

The pair got engaged a short while later and were secretly married in Vegas prior to the year was over.

Her romantic existence wasn’t the only real factor which was altering. Martha Ann informed her buddies and family she’d become a esteemed job with the us government that will require her to invest amount of time in Washington D.C. and fly around the vice president’s plane. She soon was telling others she’d been promoted to some job using the condition department. The pair started making lavish purchases, together with a luxury RV and vintage Corvette.

They volunteered together visiting military facilities as Kaczmarczyk — who sported a few of the military’s greatest honors — presided over events celebrating the nation’s military.

“Chuck would day each one of these medals and he’d visit the local senior high school and also to veterans’ parades,” McGavic remembered.  

It had been during one of these simple visits at the begining of 2008 that the local reporter was inspired by his story and printed articles with information on his military accomplishments, however the story didn’t appear to other military veterans plus they arrived at to the environment Pressure.

The Environment Pressure contacted the Department of Veterans Matters after an intensive analysis, they found that Kaczmarczyk had lied about a lot of his military accomplishments coupled with never witnessed any combat.

“It’s very offensive,” Special Agent Nate Landkammer, an old marine and Veterans administration investigator in Nashville, told “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered.”

Even stranger, Martha Ann, who’d never offered within the military, had also demonstrated up in a military retreat falsely claiming to possess won a Crimson Heart. Landkammer found that her esteemed new job in Washington D.C. seemed to be wrong and Martha Ann had not labored for that condition department.

However the deceptiveness didn’t finish there. Landkammer also uncovered a more sophisticated plot through the couple to scam the federal government from Veterans administration benefits and social security. Martha Ann even claimed in some documents that Kaczmarczyk was 100% disabled and it was homebound and not able to look after themself. Martha Ann seemed to be making money on social security disability benefits herself after claiming to become struggling with debilitating back discomfort. Together, the pair was bilking the federal government of roughly $10,000 per month.

“This is certainly the situation of the career. I do not think I’ll ever work anything such as this again just due to the different twists and turns,” Landkammer stated.

After an undercover analysis caught the pair scamming the machine, moving freely about and doing extensive yard work, these were billed for that crimes and sentenced to federal prison in 2013.

“Charles got 30 several weeks, federal, after which Martha Ann got 20,” Landkammer stated.

As Martha Ann was about to serve her sentence, she requested her boy to keep some boxes and documents on her. That’s as he discovered a disturbing group of photos within the “trash” bin on a single of her computers.

The photos were of Bob’s body, posed in a variety of ways. Sometimes he was holding the revolver, sometimes he wasn’t. It had been apparent the photos have been taken before police force government bodies were ever known as towards the scene.

McGavic alerted government bodies and decided to record an appointment for investigators where he faced his mother concerning the photos, this was taken by Kaczmarczyk.

“It was needed,” McGavic stated of turning against his mother. “I was nervous but simultaneously you need to know.”

The decision left him believing his mother might have had something related to his stepfather’s dying.

McGavic and the wife also provided government bodies with Bob’s last will and testament eliminating his only daughter, which Landkammer later concluded have been forged by Martha Ann.

“The will particularly became a main issue with the analysis,” Landkammer stated.

However it was Kaczmarczyk’s own confession to police that will ultimately land Martha Ann in jail for Bob’s dying.

Kaczmarczyk told government bodies that Martha Ann have been gradually poisoning Bob together with his publish-traumatic stress medications, sprinkling what she known as “magic dust” into his food until he eventually overdosed.

“I think the analysis demonstrated that they was clearly the mastermind,” Landkammer stated.

Although Martha Ann was adamant that they had not wiped out her husband, a jury charged her attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Included in a plea cope with prosecutors, Kaczmarcyzk decided to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder.

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