‘The Boys’ Actor Antony Starr Arrested In The country For Alleged Assault

“The Boys” star Antony Starr was arrested a week ago for allegedly assaulting a chef in Alicante, The country, based on the local outlet, La Información.

Starr, a brand new Zealand born actor, has been around The country shooting for Guy Ritchie’s new action movie, “The Interpreter.” He was allegedly intoxicated as he punched a 21-year-old chef in a pub, based on Variety. Per the Nz Herald, glass seemed to be tossed in the chef’s face. 

Based on La Información, the chef, Bathuel Araujo, stated that Starr, 46, had told him “F–k  you, f–k off,” throughout the incident.

La Información reported that Araujo was taken by ambulance to some hospital where he was handed four stitches above his eye.

“The Boys'” actor was purchased to pay for $5,464.97 in restitution within 72 hrs, and that he was handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence, as reported by Variety. 

Local police declined to discuss Starr’s arrest nor are they going to confirm his suspended sentence based on Variety. 

In The country, convictions under 2 yrs are suspended instantly when the guilty offender doesn’t have criminal history — Starr doesn’t have a criminal history, based on reports.

Based on Variety, Starr’s arrest came right before Amazon . com Prime Video is scheduled to create the most recent season of “The Boys,”  to the SXSW film festival, featuring panels along with other fan encounters. Starr portrays Homelander, the best choice of the gang of superheroes who has got a sinister bent.

Starr can also be noted for his appearance in “Banshee,” and New Zealand’s comedy-drama “Crazy Fortune” (2005). 

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