Texas Baker Allegedly Wiped out ‘Sugar Skull’ Artist, Burnt Body After Instagram Live Interview

A baker allegedly stabbed a Texas artist to dying and hang his body burning moments after interviewing him on Instagram live about skull-formed pastries, based on government bodies.

Manuel Tellez, 45, continues to be billed with murder within the deadly knife attack on Anthony Moreno, whose charred remains put together within an alley actions near Tellez’s business.

Officials found Moreno’s burnt corpse at roughly 9:20 a.m. on April 3 close to the 1300 block of Nobleman Highway, Dallas Police Department stated.

Police allege within an arrest affidavit acquired by the two men had just finished broadcasting an Instagram Live interview about Moreno’s Mexican “sugar skull art” — frequently known as calaveras — and Moreno texted his wife around 12:15 a.m. he was on his way home. Tellez then allegedly walked with Moreno for an alley about two blocks from his business, the Maroches Loaves of bread, and stabbed him multiple occasions.

Tellez allegedly then left, altered his clothes and came back towards the crime scene just below three hrs later, where everybody he doused Moreno in gasoline and hang the dead man’s body ablaze. Surveillance footage from the service station, taken around 2:00 a.m., allegedly demonstrated the baker putting on just one white-colored latex glove — much like one available at the crime scene — surgical mask and hat while filling a transportable gas can, charging documents mentioned. Everybody that Tellez’s Kia Sports utility vehicle, that has identifiable rust spots on its roof, was around the tape.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera allegedly recorded the beginning of the fireplace within the alley at 2:58 a.m. Everybody that mobile phone records demonstrated Tellez in the loaves of bread, the alley and also the service station each and every time.

Tellez and Moreno understood one another with the city’s arts community — as well as were built with a mutual “romantic interest” within an unnamed lady. 

Based on Moreno’s family, Tellez shared a hyperlink towards the slain father’s GoFundMe, which elevated greater than $13,000 for funeral expenses, dads and moms following his dying.

“OMG I am unable to believe he shared this!” his wife, Ofelia Moreno, authored on social networking, the Dallas Morning News reported. “He wiped out my hubby making it appear like everything was normal.” 

The 52-year-old artist results in three children and 6 grandchildren, his family stated.

“I forgive the person that required him, regrettably,” Tony Moreno told Dallas television station WFAA. “I actually do pray for that man who required my father’s existence.”

The grieving boy described his father like a “godly man.”

“He were built with a way with individuals,” Tony Moreno added. “He had a method to speak with people and befriend people and spread love.”

News of Moreno’s dying also shocked Dallas’ tight-knit arts community.

“My heart is out towards the families,” stated Ofelia Faz Garza, a poet, who’d lately given a studying at Maroches Loaves of bread, based on the Dallas Morning News.

“He would be a good motivator,” artist Modesto Aceves also told the newspaper. “He always got the back.” 

No more information was immediately released concerning the active situation. Investigators for that Dallas Police Department declined to comment when contacted on Monday mid-day. 

Tellez, who’d a court date on Friday, has been held in a Dallas County jailhouse, based on online jail records acquired by His bond was set at $1.5 million. 

Tellez’s defense lawyer declined to discuss the allegations against his client when contacted on the phone on Monday mid-day.

“I’m not likely to offer any comment whatsoever,” attorney Shaun Lehman told

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