Tennessee Corrections Officer Billed With Obstructing Sexual Misconduct Situation Involving Inmate

A Tennessee corrections officer allegedly falsified reports surrounding a probe into sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him involving a prisoner. 

Maury County corrections worker James Stewart Thomas, 31, was indicted with a federal grand jury for allegedly obstructing an analysis into allegations of undesirable sexual connection with an inmate in the child custody. Thomas was billed with one count of falsification of records, based on an indictment acquired by The Department of Justice announced the costs on Monday. 

The costs originate from a continuing analysis into alleged nonconsensual sexual contact Thomas had having a female prisoner in the child custody in 2016, NBC affiliate WSMV reported in 2018.

Prosecutors say Thomas falsely claimed within an official report relating towards the incident “that he’d reported to 2 Maury City Jail supervisors that the inmate had made sexual advances toward him as the inmate is at his child custody in a hospital.” He further claimed the two supervisors had “advised him to not write a study about individuals alleged sexual advances through the inmate.”

Thomas also allegedly unsuccessful to reveal he were built with a sexual relationship using the inmate after her release.

The inmate in the center from the sexual misconduct allegations, was recognized as Carissa Christ, who openly spoke out concerning the occurrences in 2018. 

“He is really a sexual predator,” Christ stated of Thomas, WSMV reported. “I’d awaken and he’d be standing there, in the center of our cell, two o’clock each morning.”

Christ stated Thomas’ abuse of her started after he was allotted to keep watch on her behalf after she’d surgery, after which grew to become a far more regular occurrence before her release.

Tennessee law classifies all sexual contact between corrections personnel and inmates as sexual assault.

Another inmate also reported inappropriate contact between Thomas and Christ.

Another corrections officer, who WSMV interviewed but didn’t identify, stated Thomas confessed to her around the nights Christ’s surgical recovery, “I visits the government penitentiary for which I’ve done.” She then observed on video and eventually reported him frequently visiting Christ’s cell.

“There wasn’t any doubt i believe there would be a sexual relationship happening,” she told the station — and her supervisors, who’d her document them. Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland told the station the 6-8 reports from 2016 had disappeared by 2018 and also the system did not store videos that lengthy.

Thomas’ former coworker had provided to testify against him, but never heard away from local prosecutors.

Thomas’ then-attorney also emphatically denied the allegations at that time.

“In no uncertain terms, [Thomas] absolutely denies there never was once, every any physical contact between him which lady while she is at jail. Period,” Jason Whatley also told the opening at that time.

Thomas was arrested at his home by FBI agents, the Williamson Source reported. He was likely to appear before a U.S. justice of the peace judge the 2009 week.

Thomas shows up like a night shift field training officer on the county website. A spokesperson for that Maury County Sheriff’s Office didn’t immediately react to multiple demands for comment when contacted by on Thursday.

Coincidentally, Thomas can also be the custodian of teen Elizabeth Thomas, whose unrelated 2017 kidnapping by her then 50-year-old teacher Tad Cummins made national headlines. Cummins, who had been indicted on charges of transporting a small across condition lines, later pleaded guilty to Elizabeth Thomas’ abduction. He’s presently serving a ten-year sentence.

James Thomas was hired her custodian following the kidnapping ended — and well following the accusations have been made against him — which both Christ and also the former co-worker stated in 2018 gave them significant pause.

Thomas is not billed using the alleged assaults on Christ.

Thomas’ lawyer has since denied the allegations.

“James Thomas is a great and decent man who’s only the main attraction due to who he’s,” his lawyer Jason Whatley, who also formerly symbolized Thomas’ family, told WSMV now. “It is unfortunate the press treats differently individuals, who by no choice that belongs to them, have in to the public spotlight. My sincere believe and prayer would be that the truth may ultimately prevail which individuals will let James and the family reside in peace.” was not able to achieve Whatley for discuss Thursday.

If charged from the obstruction charge, Thomas would address twenty years in jail. 

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