Teen Found Strangled To Dying In Her Own Bed After Pool Party — And Authorities’ Primary Suspect Shocked Everybody

Jessie Blodgett was taking advantage of her summer time while home from college.

The 19-year-old was spending her spare time writing music having a former senior high school boyfriend-switched-good friend and she’d arrived charge inside a community theater manufacture of “Fiddler on the top.”

Around the evening of This summer 14, 2013, Jessie was celebrating the production’s success in a pool party with fellow cast and crew people, based on “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered,” airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend.

Her mother, Pleasure Blodgett, have been waiting up on her when Jessie came back home around 12:30 a.m. and headed to sleep. But the following day when Pleasure stopped home for supper during her work hrs she was shocked to locate her only child dead in her own bed, with dark ligature marks round her neck.

“My daughter is blue. I visited wake her up and — I simply got home from — for supper — and she or he won’t awaken,” a frantic Pleasure told a 911 dispatcher.

Pleasure had peeked into her daughter’s room before she left for work that morning and located her peacefully sleeping, what exactly had happened within the couple of hrs which had adopted?

Becoming an adult in Hartford, Wisconsin, Jessie had been near to her parents and it was well-loved by her peers.

“We spoken about drugs, we spoken about sex, there is nothing not allowed,” her father, Buck Blodgett stated of the close bond.

The Blodgett household have been the hangout place for Jessie and her buddies during senior high school.

“She would be a really contagious personality,” her friend Jackie Nyte told “Dateline” correspondent Andrea Canning, describing her as somebody who loved music and may frequently be located playing the piano.

When Jessie was discovered strangled to dying in her own bed, individuals who loved her couldn’t imagine who may wish to hurt the 19-year-old.

While there have been no indications of forced entry in to the house, Pleasure and Buck told investigators they frequently created a door unlocked, never frightened of anybody within their village community.

“The house wasn’t ransacked,” Hartford Police Detective Richard Thickens stated. “It looked to all of us this person understood right what to do to locate her.”

Buck wondered whether some workers who’d lately trimmed a tree right outdoors Jessie’s window might have came back towards the house, but Pleasure appreciated that her daughter have been upset after coming back in the pool party the ultimate nights her existence.

“I stated, ‘What’s happening?’” Pleasure described. “She stated ‘Oh, the people, they’re always making passes and that i have no idea why they also have to show it there.’”

Jessie had confided in her own mother that two older men — in their 40s — have been flirting together with her in the party and something had attempted to drag her onto his lap. The undesirable attention had disturbed her a lot that she’d discussed the occurrences that night in her own journal before you go to bed.

Investigators rapidly focused on the boys, getting one out of to talk to investigators. The person, who had been another castmate, accepted to playfully joking around in the party, but was adamant there is anything into it than that.

“He’s an actress and it is challenging for me, at that time, to gauge whether he’s acting or just being truthful,” Thickens stated.

The person had also unsuccessful to appear to operate your day Jessie was wiped out, but investigators weren’t capable of finding something that linked him towards the crime scene and mobile phone records never placed him at Jessie’s home.

The 2nd man, who’d allegedly told an inappropriate joke, was rapidly eliminated, departing investigators with couple of new clues.

However a surprising suspect was revealed included in an analysis into another violent attack just days before Jessie’s murder inside a nearby town.

Melissa Richards told police she’d been walking in a local park together with her dog whenever a man having a knife attacked her within the parking area.

Richards could escape by grabbing the blade from the knife together with her bare hands as she fought against off her attacker.

“It was either I attempt in order to save myself or permit this to guy do whatever he really wants to me,” Richards told Canning.

She described the person — who rapidly fled the scene after she started to battle back — like a youthful male with blonde shaggy hair with glasses. She also gave police an in depth description from the vehicle he’d been driving, a blue Dodge Caravan.

The detailed description from the van sounded familiar to some deputy who regularly patrolled the park coupled with spotted an identical vehicle inside a parking area several days prior to the attack.

The deputy had run the vehicle’s license plates at that time. If this didn’t show up anything suspicious, he’d managed to move on, but after listening to Richards’ attack he returned into his records and located the license plate.

Investigators searching into Richards’ attack identified a potential 19-year-old male suspect linked the automobile and arrived at to him.

When Washington County Sheriff’s Det. Joel Clausing known as the potential suspect, he was surprised once the teen told him he what food was in Jessie’s home at that time consoling her parents.

Investigators found that the teen, Daniel Bartelt, have been the identical teen who’d spent his summer time writing music with Jessie. The happy couple had dated briefly in senior high school and continued to be close buddies after graduation.

Clausing introduced Bartelt set for questioning and that he soon accepted to to be the man who’d attacked Richards around the block.

“I desired to scare another person, because everybody else is really confident,” he stated throughout an interrogation of his bizarre motivation. “I don’t comprehend it. I want anyone to end up like me.”

Despite the attack around the block, Pleasure and Buck were convinced there wasn’t any way their daughter’s first love had been her killer.

“He had everything opting for him. He would be a top-notch student, straight-Students. He even got charge role in the majority of the musicals, very gifted,” he stated. “We stated, ‘It’s not Dan. He’s a great kid.’”

Bartelt was adamant through tears throughout an interrogation with Thickens he had nothing related to killing Jessie, who he accepted to still getting feelings for. He told investigators that at the time from the murder he’d been at another park, where he was taken on surveillance footage.

Thickens rapidly had investigators search all of the trash cans in the park. government bodies uncovered a cereal box, stuffed full with ropes that were utilized in the murder, bloody sanitizing wipes, and tape. Government bodies would later make sure both Bartelt and Jessie’s DNA was around the ropes.

Additionally they found Bartelt were built with a disturbing online search history, including multiple questions on serial killers, coupled with viewed a violent pornographic film having a plot like the murder. DNA evidence also demonstrated that Bartelt had raped Jessie before her dying.

He was arrested and billed with murder — even though the motive why he wiped out Jessie remains a mysterious.

“I can’t state that he’s totally evil, but something went very wrong. I do not understand what,” Pleasure stated from the boy who’d once been a normal in her own home.

Prosecutors contended that Bartelt had likely targeted uncle because she’d been “convenient.”

After being charged, Bartelt briefly addressed her parents in the court but he ongoing to insist he was innocent.

“Buck, Pleasure, I can’t provide you with the solutions that you’re searching for. I pray for you personally, its you, and Hopefully — I have faith that — at some point we are before a court which will realize that my conscience is obvious,” he stated.

The shocking situation seemed to be featured on Archiweekend’s “Murdered By Morning.” 

Written by Stephanie Green

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