Survivor Recalls Brutal Beating, Harrowing Escape In ‘Surviving Sex Trafficking’

A sex trafficking survivor gives understanding of her harrowing experience and escape inside a new Amazon . com Prime documentary.

“Surviving Sex Trafficking,” which started streaming on April 15, features Angela Williams’ story of sex trafficking and abuse.

Her ex and former pimp, Tyree Wright, had trafficked her for 3 years (although with this point she’d been trafficked for fifteen years) before she fled La in 2017 making her method to a secure haven in Vegas, based on the New You are able to Publish. Her escape came after she was beaten and nearly clogged to dying by Wright.

When Wright, then 36, demonstrated on the doorstep with flowers, it had been only a rouse to obtain control. He rapidly dropped the bouquet and started beating Johnson having a night stick, she recalls within the documentary.

“That first hit from the nightstick stung badly, and that he stored hitting me again and again for such a long time,” Johnson, now 38, told The Publish.

Following a half-an-hour lengthy beating, her skull was fractured, her forearm was damaged and she or he remained with permanent harm to her finger in addition to brain trauma that also affects her even today.

“I remember blacking out as they was beating me around the mind using the metal baton,” she remembered. “If I’d took yet another blow I’d have left, without a doubt.”

“I figured I would die midway through,” she told KTNV in 2017.

Wright has become serving a prison 29-year sentence for sex trafficking, second-degree kidnapping and battery associated with what he did to Johnson.

Johnson is among several survivors incorporated within the documentary directed by Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, who had been raped at 6 with a man hired to color her home.

“This would be a very freeing and recovery process for me personally,” Shree, 38, told The Publish. 

“If I’m still dealing with a lot discomfort from that,” she stated. “Imagine someone that’s getting raped to make money 20, 30 or 40 occasions each day. How can these sex trafficking survivors heal from that emotional and mental anguish?”

Kendra Geronimo, who grew to become an assorted martial artist, a personal investigator along with a self-defense instructor after surviving sex trafficking, also shares her story within the documentary. 

“Her story is really a true proof of overcoming adversity on the majority of levels and can inspire others to complete exactly the same,” the web site for that documentary states.

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