‘Stay Beside Me Please’: Husband Pleads For Assist In Heartbreaking 911 Call After Wife In Shot In Alleged Road Rage Incident

Julie Eberly have been intending to celebrate seven years of marriage at Hilton Mind Island throughout a relaxing vacation together with her husband, however the Pennsylvania mother of six would not allow it to be.

Rather, Julie stopped breathing lounging along a New York interstate after an irate driver—who government bodies later recognized as Dejwyan R. Floyd—fired in to the couple’s white-colored GMC Yukon around 11:40 a.m. on March 25, striking her with the passenger door from the vehicle.

“Some guy just shot into my vehicle and my wife’s hit,” her husband Ryan Eberly could be heard anxiously telling a 911 dispatcher in a recording obtained by local station WPDE.

“She’s bleeding badly,” Ryan stated. “I need assistance now.”

Ryan told the dispatcher that Julie have been shot within the hip and it was not conscious or responsive.

“She’s breathing, but very labored,” he stated within the 10-minute call with government bodies.

As Ryan waits to the side of the street for assistance to arrive, he pleads together with his 47-year-old wife to “keep breathing.”

“Stay beside me, stick with me please,” he states before breaking lower.

The dispatcher assures Ryan which help is in route and instructs him to get rid of her in the vehicle, put pressure around the wound and her airway open.

“You’re doing an excellent job and we have help visiting you,” she stated.

But about six minutes into the decision, Ryan states he “can’t know if she’s breathing” after which confirms that his wife has stopped breathing by herself.

“Julie, seriously!” he screams and breaks into sobs. “You mankind has gotta hurry, please!”

Ryan performed CPR on his wife until government bodies showed up to the side of I-95 South to consider over existence-saving measures. The Robeson County EMS transported Julie to UNC Southeastern clinic, where she later died, based on an announcement in the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office classified the shooting like a road rage incident that unfolded along a stretch from the highway just north of Lumberton.

“The analysis revealed a road rage encounter unknowingly developed following the victim’s GMC Yukon came near to the suspect’s Chevrolet Malibu throughout a merge right into a lane,” the sheriff’s office stated. “The suspect then pulled towards the victim’s side, folded lower his window and fired multiple shots in to the passenger door.”

Ryan later told local station WGAL he had altered lanes and missed that another vehicle was approaching behind him.

“I missed he was on offer me. I pressed him towards the shoulder mistakenly,” Ryan stated. “As soon when i managed, I gave him room to return to the highway. No vehicle contact.”

However the driver from the sedan, allegedly required his rage on the pair firing shots in to the vehicle because he passed the Yukon after which exited from the highway.

An eyewitness also known as 911 to report the deadly encounter.

“You reached be quick since it fired shots into that truck and I don’t know if somebody’s hit,” the unknown caller stated inside a recording acquired by WPDE.

The eyewitness could describe the shooter’s vehicle like a grey Malibu, which she stated rapidly departed the highway at exit 22.

1 week after Julie was wiped out, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office announced that Floyd, 29, have been arrested at 12:38 a.m. on April 1 in the Parkview Apartments in Lumberton, New York after video surveillance footage from area companies and residents was utilized to trace his movements after you have from the highway.

Floyd has become facing charges of first-degree murder and discharging ammunition into an occupied property.

He’s presently being held in the Robeson County Detention Center.

“Regardless from the conditions, nobody deserved to become murdered on a trip our nation’s highways. I’m happy with the investigative work help with through the police force agencies that joined together as you to create this situation to some effective conclusion,” Sheriff Burnis Wilkins stated while announcing the arrest.

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