South Dakota Man Allegedly Confessed He Wiped out His Brother, His Brother’s Pregnant Wife

A South Dakota man allegedly confessed to killing his brother and the brother’s pregnant wife within their home after he “snapped,” government bodies stated.

Brent Monroe Hanson, 57, faces three counts of first-degree murder and three alternative counts of second degree murder in deaths of his brother Clyde Hanson and Clyde’s wife Jessica Hanson, who had been nine several weeks pregnant during the time of her brutal murder, local station KELO-TV reports.

He resided within the lower part of a house the two siblings owned, while Clyde and Jessica Hanson resided within an upper apartment.

The couple’s deaths were found on Wednesday after Milbank Police Chief Boyd Van Vooren had arranged to satisfy Brent Hanson in the police station to provide him a Christmas card from church and discuss whether there was any “further issues” between Brent Hanson, his brother and the sister-in-law, based on a probable cause statement.


Just several weeks prior to the grisly murders, Jessica Hanson had told police she was “afraid on her safety” after she said excitedly that her brother-in-law attacked her on This summer 24 and frequently hit her within the mind throughout an argument, based on court papers acquired through the local station.

Brent Hanson was billed with simple assault next attack. 

In conversation with Van Vooren a week ago, he allegedly told law enforcement chief that his brother and sister-in-law “no longer live” within the property the 2 siblings had owned.

Van Vooren then heard a phone call are available in within the police radio requesting a welfare check at Jessica and Clyde Hanson’s home after someone delivering a food basket saw what appeared as if bloodstream on their own door, government bodies stated.

When Van Vooren requested Brent Hanson in which the couple had gone to live in and when there was bloodstream around the door as he was last there, the person allegedly responded saying “I snapped” after which creating a “slashing motion” across his neck, based on the statement.

Once the chief requested him to describe what he meant, he allegedly added “I wiped out them on Sunday,” talking about 12 ,. 12.

Police stated Brent Hanson continued to describe he wiped out his brother on 12 ,. 12 having a baseball bat as he was home alone, whacking him within the mind “enough times” to ensure that he could ensure his brother was dead, based on the report.

When Jessica Hanson came home the following morning, Brent allegedly told police he whacked her within the mind having a machete until she was dead, government bodies stated. She was nine several weeks pregnant at that time.

The couple’s three-year-old child wasn’t injured. Brent Hanson stated he required the kid with him coupled with been taking care of him because the murders.

When Van Vooren and Grant County Sheriff Kevin Owen visited the family’s home a short while later, they found the 2 physiques within an incomplete area of the home, the probable cause document stated.

Jessica Hanson’s body was discovered within blue tarp while her husband have been hidden behind some sheet rock. Their youthful child was discovered inside a finished area of the apartment.

The This summer fight allegedly started after Jessica Hanson had get home from the recent remain at a mental health facility and found that her brother-in-law had given her dog away while she vanished, based on a probable cause statement acquired by KELO-TV.

When she faced him concerning the dog’s location, she told policem her brother-in-law threatened to throw her from the building, pressed her striking her multiple occasions within the mind.

Brent Hanson is presently being held on the $5 million bond, according to Public Broadcasting.

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