‘Someone Attempted To Kill Me’: Who Stabbed A Lady Over 60 Occasions In Their Home?

Annastasia Hester would be a single mom trying to maintain her youthful daughter. When she was discovered brutally murdered in her own home, suspicion switched to her ex-husband and the new wife. 

Born Annastasia Diane Holmes and recognized to her buddies as “Ann,” she was created almost 30 years ago and increased in Gresham, Or, a suburb of Portland. Her father died when she would be a teen and she or he was elevated by her mother and stepfather. She loved tabletop role-doing offers and frequently frolicked in a local gaming shop in Gresham. There, she met Matthew James Keone Hester, another gaming enthusiast. 

Ann and Matt started dating and were married in 2008. In November 2011, their daughter was created. 

“She really loved him. She really did. She’d every intention once they get wed they could be together the remainder of her existence,” friend Brianne Morganstern told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

Ann thought about being a stay-at-home mother and wife however the marriage soon started to solve. They attempted getting a wide open marriage around the condition they continued to be honest regarding their matters. It did not work.

“Ann learned that Matt had cheated on her behalf at least one time, going outdoors individuals rules that they setup, and at that time she began speaking about declaring divorce,” friend James Morganstern told “Snapped.”

Ann and Matthew divorced this year. Now just one mother, she labored in a answering services company in downtown Portland and moved right into a one-room apartment together with her daughter. 

“Ann got full child custody of her daughter and Matt had his scheduled weekends. The main one factor Ann did complain about Matt was he never was good about having to pay his supporting your children while he stored constantly losing his job,” James Morganstern stated.

To assist spend the money for rent, Matthew required inside a roommate, single mom Angela Rose McCraw and her three children. Inside a month, they started an intimate relationship. Matthew and Angela were married in 2014. Afterward, Matt started petitioning for additional time together with his daughter. 

“Ann really, actually was wishing they might have a minimum of rapport in a way they could communicate and co-parent effectively,” stated Brianne Morganstern. 

That did not happen. Early in the day hrs of June 10, 2016, Ann designed a frantic call to Gresham 911 saying she’d been attacked in her own apartment. 

“Someone attempted to kill me … [unintelligible] began stabbing me … ” Ann is heard saying around the call, that was acquired by “Snapped.” When requested where she was stabbed, she responds, “All over … Oh God.”

First responders showed up in a few minutes. The 36-year-old was rushed to some nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead, based on Portland ABC-affiliate KATU.

“The stab wounds ranged thorough of transmission from about 50 % one inch to around eight inches. The knives pierced all of the vital organs,” Gresham Police Detective Aaron Turnage told “Snapped.”

An autopsy through the Or Condition Medical Examiner’s Office determined Ann died of homicidal violence coupled with been stabbed over 60 occasions, based on an announcement in the Multnomah County Da. 

Detectives recognized Ann resided having a child. Panic occur because they attempted to take into account her location. 

Ann’s daughter was eventually located. She was together with her father in a pre-arranged visitation rights. Matthew told investigators he’d selected her up yesterday for that weekend. Matthew and Angela decided to are available in for any police interview. Meanwhile, detectives started to create a period of occasions resulting in Ann’s lethal assault. 

“We had observed the ac have been removed after which from outdoors we’re able to see what appeared as if a cinder block have been placed,” Multnomah County Sheriff’s Detective Kennth Yohe told “Snapped.”

From bloodstream spatter analysis and crime scene evidence, detectives determined she was lounging during sex when she was attacked. She attempted to flee making her method to the leading door when she was attacked again.

Investigators found several bloody knives in the crime scene along with a bloody boot print was located on the floor, reported Portland CBS affiliate KOIN.  

Detectives interviewed a number of Ann’s neighbors who claimed they heard screaming but missed anything suspicious, based on the Oregonian newspaper. 

“The first screams were heard around 11:15 p.m. and also the 911 call arrived at 2:59 a.m.,” stated Turnage. “We’re searching at almost a four-hour time period with this to become perpetrated on Annastasia.”

Matthew spoken with government bodies and claimed he what food was in home doing offers with Angela and also the kids around the nights the murder. He stated he’d pointless to wish his ex-wife dead. 

But while questioning Matthew, detectives received home security camera footage from Ann’s apartment building. It matched the Hesters’ vehicle, based on the Oregonian. When requested why his vehicle what food was in the crime scene, Matt claimed he was asleep and couldn’t say without a doubt. 

Detectives next interviewed Angela McCraw-Hester, who stated she and Matthew were inside a bitter child custody fight with Ann, who, she claimed, wouldn’t allow Matt to his daughter.

Angela denied the vehicle within the security footage was hers. She also claimed around the nights the murder, she’d tossed on herself and Matt had helped clean her up, details he’d unsuccessful to say in the interview. 

Detectives spoken with James and Brianne Morganstern who said excitedly that Matthew and Angela had attempted to obtain full child custody of Annastasia’s daughter, producing a prolonged court fight.  

“They declared full child custody claiming that Ann was an unfit mother,” stated James Morganstern.

But while Ann, labored full-time and stored a tidy if small home, Matt and Angela resided in squalor and survived on government assistance.

“Matt described that his children have different disabilities and obtain social security benefits or payouts in the condition so he lives from the proceeds of his kids’ disabilities,” stated Aaron Turnage.

 Per month before Ann’s murder, the court awarded her full child custody of her daughter and purchased Matt to pay for $13,140 at the spine supporting your children payments and $29,000 in legal bills, based on the Oregonian.

Now that they found motive, evidence appeared to stack up.

Ann were built with a $100,000 existence insurance plan that listed her parents as beneficiaries. Her insurer contacted detectives to state that Matt had lately known as up to find out if he was qualified for any payout. Then, the bloody boot print was ultimately matched to some woman’s size and store where Angela designed a purchase in 2015, based on KOIN. 

Detectives also found that Angela was frequently convinced her children had disabilities that must be cured with prescription medications. 

“We had Obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar, autism, and the other bipolar. [Our] divorce came lower that I needed to make certain my children weren’t getting poison and medicines within their body they didn’t need,” Angela’s ex-husband Aaron McCraw told “Snapped.”  

Angela grew to become obsessive about the concept that Matthew’s daughter endured from bpd, based on Portland’s Outlook newspaper. Ann disputed the claims and think it is area of the Hesters’ cash grab for disability benefits. 

In October 2017, 37-year-old Angela McCraw-Hester was arrested and billed with irritated murder and first-degree burglary after her DNA was identified on among the murder weapons, reported the Oregonian. 

During questioning, Matt claimed that Angela came home around the night Ann’s murder covered in bloodstream. He stated he helped her clean herself up but otherwise had nothing related to the murder, The Oregonian reported. 

But Matthew Hester, 38, was arrested within the summer time of 2019 and billed with one count of solicitation to commit murder, two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit murder, and something count of hindering prosecution, based on KOIN. 

In November 2020, Angela McCraw-Hester pleaded guilty to 1 count of second-degree murder and it was sentenced to existence imprisonment, based on the Portland Tribune newspaper. She’ll be qualified for parole after serving twenty five years. 

Matthew Hester pleaded guilty in August 2021 to solicitation to commit murder and hindering prosecution, based on KOIN. He was sentenced to 56 several weeks imprisonment together with his earliest possible release date being March 2023. 

Angela and Matt divorced during prison and therefore are allegedly no more in touch. Angela’s children were put into promote care while Matt and Ann’s daughter has been elevated by her maternal grandma and grandpa.    

Written by Stephanie Green

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