‘Smiling Shooter’ Reveals Motive Behind Sonic Drive-In Murders, Demands Execution

A Nebraska man dubbed the “Smiley Shooter” through the media provides a motive behind why he wiped out multiple people — and it is demanding to become performed.

On Monday, Roberto Silva Junior., 24, pleaded guilty to fifteen charges regarding the the deaths of a couple and also the wounding of two others in a Sonic Drive-In, the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office authored inside a statement to

On November. 21, 2020, Silva “threw an incendiary device, ignited materials inside a rental truck and opened up fire” in the Bellevue, Nebraska fast-food restaurant.

Government bodies identified the murder victims as employees Nathan Pastrana, 22, and Ryan Helbert, 28, based on the Bellevue Police Department. Two others, ages 18 and 25, were shot and then treated in a local hospital for his or her wounds, while yet another three people could flee to safety.

Silva was later dubbed the “Sonic Shooter” or even the “Smiling Shooter” for that atypical facial expression portrayed in the mugshot photo.

Prosecutors state that Silva confessed towards the murders in letters sent to work of Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov last October, based on He’d no plea offer place.

Deputy Sarpy County Attorney Gage Cobb read two lines from Silva’s letter aloud at Monday’s court.

“It is my knowning that it’s not necessary a motive in my actions in (the Sonic Shooting situation),” Silva authored. “My intention and motive ended up being to get rid of the witnesses involved with (the id theft situation) to hide the commission of this crime.”

Silva have been charged with using another person’s payment techniques to obtain food in the same Sonic restaurant just days prior to the shooting.

“Silva lately pled guilty towards the control of id theft,” the statement read. “Silva unlawfully used someone else’s identity and Sonic Drive-In mobile account to acquire food in the same Sonic 72 hours prior to the shooting happened. The judge sentenced Silva to 6 several weeks imprisonment for your crime but credited him with six several weeks of your time offered.”

Silva stole $57 price of food on November. 18, 2020, and it was glued from jail on November. 20 — eventually prior to the deadly shooting, based on NBC affiliate KNOP News. His fraudulent purchases incorporated a Queso hamburger, four quarter-pound hamburgers, six quarter-pound double burgers, and 12 corndogs.

Center alerted government bodies towards the thievery by fraud, and Bellevue officials confiscated three firearms from Silva upon his arrest, based on the outlet. Individuals firearms remained as in police child custody once the shooting required place.

Silva, who’d a Nebraska condition hidden-carry permit, drove a U-Haul truck towards the Sonic restaurant and opened up fire the next day he glued on the id theft charges. When government bodies showed up in the scene, the moving truck have been set ablaze.

Polikov announced his intends to ask for the dying penalty in Silva’s situation on Jan. 24, 2022, according for their statement, and intends to still pursue it.

“Roberto Silva knowingly walked right into a restaurant on that day and wiped out a couple and hurt two others,” Polikov stated within the statement. “The dying penalty situation will move ahead.”

Plus, prosecutors say, the defendant also required their own execution.

“He mentioned, essentially, within my words, he really wants to be performed,” stated Polikov, based on

The County Attorney’s Office told that Silva’s letter in the whole couldn’t launch towards the media since it had not yet been joined into evidence.

Polikov filed a “Notice of Aggravators” last Feb, outlining the aggravating conditions all around the situation, based on the statement in the attorney’s office. Factors incorporated the killings being transported out in order to hide other crimes and also the “exceptional depravity” from the murders.

Three district court idol judges is going to be hired through the Nebraska Top Court to determine set up aggravating conditions established by Polikov is going to be enough to warrant Silva’s execution.

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