Skeletal Remains Of Maine Lady Missing Since 2019 Present In Late Father’s Shed

Skeletal remains found covered with a sheet inside a late homeowner’s shed in Maine have transpired to become individuals of his missing daughter, government bodies stated now.

In May, relatives were cleaning up the house of 82-year-od Douglas Scott Sr. several weeks after his March dying, based on the Press Herald. In the shed of his property, they discovered skeletal remains. After several weeks of suspicion, the neighborhood medical examiner positively identified them as individuals of his 53-year-old daughter, according to WGME. Denise Ramsey had not been been told by in at least a year . 5.

“I will tell you the Office from the Chief Medical Examiner has informed us the skeletal remains in Casco are those of Denise Ramsey which the reason for dying is pending further study,” stated Shannon Moss, spokesperson for that Maine Department of Public Safety.

Ramsey have been coping with her father in Casco at time of her disappearance. On Thursday, her brother, Douglas Scott Junior., told the Press Herald he’d thought that the remains available on May 8 belonged to his sister.

“I’m the one that found her,” he stated. “I’m just glad they finally released it had become her. It’s a large weight off our shoulders.”

Denise Scott’s daughter, Danielle McNaughton, was instrumental in assisting find out the body after recognizing a unique tattoo of the snake, based on WGME.

“It’s really frustrating,” stated McNaughton. “My mother would not leave me.”

McNaughton told WGME that they believed her mother fell for foul play.

“Because of my grandfather being deceased, and since they couldn’t, I suppose, find a contributing factor to dying, they’re not really charging anybody with anything,” stated McNaughton.

But she contends that her grandfather’s health was too poor for him to play a role in putting your body within the shed.

“He couldn’t even lug groceries in the stairs as he was initially identified as having Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” she told WGME, talking about chronic obstructive lung disease.

Douglas Scott Sr. died without departing a will for his four sons or daughter, based on documents filed using the Cumberland County Probate Court. Within the affidavit, Douglas Scott Junior. stated the household hadn’t been told by his sister in “quite some time.”

Scott stated that relatives looked for his sister by asking around on Facebook and they couldn’t achieve her by phone for any year . 5, based on the affidavit. Ramsey was reported missing towards the Social Security Administration and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office on March 22 — days after her father’s dying. Her dying continues to be under analysis.

“She was vibrant. She was intelligent. She was quick-witted. She was funny,” McNaughton told WGME. “There wasn’t anybody or something that she loved more nowadays than me and her grandkids.”

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