‘Shame The Sufferers, Free The Rapists’: Judge Faces Backlash After Reversing Teen’s Rape Conviction

An Illinois judge is facing backlash after he put out an 18-year-old’s rape conviction earlier this year, stating that the 148 days the teenager had already put in jail was “plenty of punishment.”

Adams County Judge Robert Adrian made a decision to alter the decision during that which was said to be Came S. Clinton’s sentencing hearing earlier this year after Clinton he was in prison for criminal sexual assault throughout a three-day bench trial in October, based on The Herald-Whig.

Clinton was facing an important minimum sentence of 4 years within the Illinois Department of Corrections however, after reviewing two motions filed by Clinton’s defense team Adrian altered the decision not to guilty, saying he thought the prosecution had unsuccessful to demonstrate their situation.

“By law, a legal court should really sentence this youthful man towards the Department of Corrections. This court won’t do this. That isn’t just,” Adrian stated, based on a transcript from the hearing acquired by The Daily Animal. “There isn’t any method for what went down within this situation this teen should visit the Department of Corrections. I won’t do this.”

Adrian continued to state the time Clinton had already spent in jail have been sufficient.

“Mr. Clinton has offered almost five several weeks within the city jail, 148 days,” he stated throughout the Jan. 3 hearing. “For what went down within this situation, that’s lots of punishment. That might be a just sentence.”

The stunning decision was devastating for that 16-year-old victim within the situation that has made the decision to visit public together with her story following the judge’s decision.

“I immediately needed to leave the courtroom and use the bathroom. I had been crying,” Cameron Vaughan told local station WGEM.

She stated Clinton sexually assaulted her while she was resting on a couch in a graduation party over Memorial Day weekend.

“I automobile up inside my friend’s place having a pillow over my face and so i couldn’t be heard and Came Clinton within me,” she stated. “I requested him to prevent multiple occasions and that he wouldn’t. I finally departed the couch and pressed him from me and that he leaped up and merely began gaming as though nothing had happened.”

Clinton’s defense team contends the sexual contact have been consensual.

Vaughan ran to some bathroom, was taken home that night by a number of of her buddies and informed her father what went down the following morning, based on a police report acquired by the local press.

Vaughan’s father told The Herald-Whig the judge’s reversal has hindered his daughter’s capability to recover and heal in the trauma.

“It’s worse now of computer was (before), because besides she not have access to her justice, however she gets like she spoke up for free, and you will know hurts,” he stated. “Now she wishes she wouldn’t have stated anything.”

He put into WGEM that whenever the assault his daughter had dropped in the school activities, was battling to help keep her grades up and  needs to do all her schooling in your own home now.

Adams County Assistant State’s Attorney Anita Rodriguez stated she’s never witnessed the court reverse a verdict such as this in her own 40-year career.

“My heart is bleeding for that victim,” she told the newspaper. “It would be a very hard bench trial. It did a great deal on her recovery process, however she’s to where i was at.”

While announcing his decision earlier this year, Adrian slammed the mother and father of the house in which the party happened.

“This is what’s happened when parents don’t exercise their parental responsibilities, whenever we have people, adults, getting parties for youths, plus they allow coeds and feminine individuals to go swimming within their under garments within their pool,” Adrian stated. “And, no, under garments is totally different from swimming suits. It’s just – they permit 16-year-old to create liquor to some party. They offer liquor to underage people, and also you question how this stuff happen.”

Quanada, a company supplying support for victims of assault or abuse, stated in an announcement they were “outraged” through the judge’s decision to turn back verdict.

“The decision and Adrian’s comments send a chilling message with other rape victims their behavior, and not the rapists’, is going to be judged. Shame the sufferers, free the rapists,” the statement read. “This judgment reinforces the truth that standards for ladies will always be impossibly high while they’re impossibly low for males.”

The general public scrutiny all around the judge’s comments made an appearance arrive at mind in the court Wednesday when Adrian put Josh Johnson, charge trial attorney for Adams County State’s Attorney’s office from the courtroom for liking a Quanada publish on Facebook concerning the incident yesterday, The Muddy River News reports.

“I’m this is not on social networking, but my spouse is,” Adrian told Johnson in the court. “She saw the thumbs up you gave to individuals attacking me. I can’t be fair along with you today. Escape.”

Johnson later told the newspaper he felt he’d taken a “pretty benign” position around the issue by liking the publish before he was ousted in the courtroom.

“I’d prefer to think that’s a fairly benign position to consider because the lead trial attorney using the state’s attorney’s office to aid the legal rights of victims,” he stated. “We clearly need to and wish to support victims in every case. I haven’t made any comment openly, independently or else about Judge Adrian and also the decision. I am not likely to. It is not my role.”

State’s Attorney Gary Farha told the opening he isn’t sure why the judge made the decision to throw Johnson from the courtroom and described Johnson like a “very ethical” attorney.

“Obviously Judge Adrian is under more pressure than normal due to the publicity alternatively situation,” he stated. “I can’t talk to anything why he’d do that. It’s an remarkable measure. This can be a judge who we’ve had a good deal respect for. He’s tough on crime, so we appreciate that. However this is one thing that people didn’t expect and we don’t feel reaches all warranted nor appreciated.”

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