second Suspect Pleads Guilty To Murdering Missouri Lady Who Required Her Into Home

Another suspect pleaded guilty a week ago to some Feb assault on the Missouri lady that ultimately led to her dying.

Elizabeth Emily Dye, 26, pleaded guilty on Friday to second-degree murder within the dying of Maya Leah Nicole Wootton, 33, in Feb, based on ABC affiliate KMIZ in Columbia. Dye was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.

Lucas Harper, 35, pleaded guilty in August to 1 legal control of tampering with evidence within the analysis surrounding Wootton’s dying. He is a result of be sentenced in October, based on the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Dye and Harper were first arrested and billed with first-degree assault, armed criminal action, and first-degree robbery after Wootton is discovered shot on February. 15. Wootton died of her injuries on February. 18, after which Dye was billed with first-degree murder, based on the Connected Press.

Everybody that Dye was living from her vehicle during the time of the murder, based on KMIZ Wootton’s obituary within the Columbia Missourian said that they had asked Dye and Harper into her the place to find warm-up on among the very coldest days of the season. It had been at that time that they was shot by Dye.

Probable cause documents from Dye’s arrest condition that Wootton’s boyfriend, who had been not recognized by government bodies, left her house around 10:30 p.m. on February. 14 it’s not obvious if Dye and Harper have there been at that time. As he came back around 1 a.m. on February. 15, Wootton have been shot. 

Dye accepted to shooting Wootton after she’d gone in to the basement to complete laundry, based on Wootton’s boyfriend. Dye and Harper apparently started to go over before him how you can hide your body, that was eventually hidden within pile of laundry. Harper claimed that Dye then experienced Wootton’s pockets looking for belongings, and also the two also discussed creating a wooden frame around Wootton then encasing her in concrete.

Wootton was still being alive because this all unfolded.

A pr release in the Columbia Police states they taken care of immediately a request a wellness check in the residence around 7:15 a.m. on February. 15, after which they found Wootton wounded in her own home. She was transported to some hospital for treatment. It’s unclear who placed the phone call.

Dye and Harper were arrested and billed that very same day. Wootton’s boyfriend wasn’t implicated within the assault or even the make an effort to hide your body.

Wootton’s mother authored inside a Facebook publish that Wootton died at 3:27 a.m. on February. 18, based on the Columbia Missourian.

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