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second Lady States Have Selected Up John Laundrie Hitchhiking, States He Attempted To Hop From Moving Vehicle

Another lady now claimed to possess selected up John Laundrie near in which the remains of his girlfriend Gabrielle “Gabby’ Petito put together in Wyoming now. 

Norma Jean Jalovec told Fox News on Thursday that they selected up Laundrie around the evening of August. 29 and drove him towards the Spread Creek spread camping site in Grand Teton Park, in which the 22-year-old travel blogger’s remains put together on Sunday.

Jalovec stated she recognized it had become Laundrie, 23, after watching Miranda Baker’s viral TikTok videos. In individuals videos, Baker remembered the way a man resembling Laundrie requested her and her boyfriend for any ride to Jackson around 5:44 pm on August. 29. She stated that Laundrie was behaving oddly and the man requested to become discrete in a Jackson Lake Dam turnout at 6:09 your evening. Baker stated Laundrie expressed he planned to visit a close crowded parking area to obtain another ride.

Jalovec claims that they selected up Laundrie soon after, around 6:30 or 6:40 pm. She told Fox News that they was going to a Roman Catholic church known as Chapel from the Sacred Heart in Grand Teton Park on that day for any service when she saw Laundrie walking the street together with his thumb out. The church is situated about 1.2 miles where Baker states she let Laundrie from her vehicle.

“Everything’s legitimate,” Jalovec told Fox News. “Everything’s corroborated. I already spoken towards the FBI.”

As with Baker, Jalovec recalls making small talk to Laundrie throughout the drive. She stated he informed her he were built with a fiancée. She stated also, he offered her money, which she declined. Baker stated Laundrie nonetheless gave her and her boyfriend $200 for that ride.

Jalovec told the opening that Laundrie requested her to decrease him off in the gate from the campground. Jalovec provided to drive him inside, and noted that whenever she chose to make this offer, Laundrie attempted to get away from the moving vehicle.

“I can not explain why I had been there,” Jalovec, who’s a periodic Wyoming resident that splits amount of time in Florida, told Fox News. “It had been something I do not typically do. I do not get hitchhikers in Florida. I have become a lot s— from family and buddies for choosing up a hitchhiker.”

The FBI continues to be looking for Laundrie, who had been reported missing on Sept. 17 after his family claims he selected a hike 2 days prior in Florida then never came back. On Wednesday, a federal arrest warrant for Laundrie was issued on Thursday following a grand jury indicted him for allegedly using debit cards which was not approved for his use following Petito’s dying.

Laundrie had came back to his parents’ home in Florida in Petito’s van on Sept. 1 without her Petito’s family, who reside in New You are able to, reported her missing ten days later. 

Autopsy results confirmed on Tuesday that Petito’s types of dying would be a homicide. The precise reason for dying is pending final autopsy results.

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