Scott Peterson’s Sister-In-Law States She’s Evidence That May Exonerated Him, Believes Laci Was Wiped out By Burglars

The sister-in-law of Scott Peterson, the well known California man imprisoned for that nearly two-decade-old murder of his wife as well as their unborn baby, now says she has evidence that may exonerate him.

“Scott didn’t obtain a fair trial,” Janey Peterson told CBS’s “48 Hrs.”

Scott Peterson was charged from the first-degree murder of Laci Peterson in addition to second-degree murder of the unborn boy, Conner, in 2004. She’d disappeared while eight several weeks pregnant in 2002. Investigators claimed that Scott Peterson dumped human remains from his fishing-boat into Bay Area Bay, where they surfaced several weeks later.

The aftermath from the discovery gave way to one of the very most sensational and highly publicized trials from the decade. Public interest piqued after it had been learned that Scott Peterson were built with a mistress, Amber Frey. She was a single mom he started seeing shortly before Laci’s disappearance Frey secretly recorded conversations with Scott Peterson, which she presented to the government bodies.

While prosecutors claimed that Scott Peterson murdered his wife, his attorney argued that Laci Peterson was kidnapped by other people. Janey Peterson told CBS that they feels there might be an association between Laci’s dying along with a burglary that happened next door in the Peterson home.

“The incorrect person’s imprisonment,” she told the show producers.

Janey Peterson theorizes that her sister-in-law caught several robbers mid-crime and they then kidnapped and wiped out her. She has expressed frustration that just two five people associated with that burglary were interviewed in this connection situation. She stated in the court a week ago the evidence in her own possession must be heard with a jury, KOVR-TV reports.

“There isn’t any number of conditions that matches evidence where he would have tried it,” she told the court via video. “The justice system has unsuccessful here, and lots of aspects have unsuccessful.” 

Janey Peterson is becoming a novice detective and it has produced a “war room” to demonstrate Scott’s innocence. 

“This board behind use is occasions during the day he allegedly murdered his wife,” Janey Peterson told a legal court.

Jon Buehler, among the original detectives around the situation, told “48 Hours” he doesn’t agree together with her speculation.

“There is nothing that’s emerge that’s helped me change my view that Scott had a fair trial which Scott is the one that wiped out Laci,” he stated.

Buehler told KOVR-TV that “there continue to be people who believe our planet is flat, too.”

This past year, the California Top Court overturned the 2005 dying sentence for Scott Peterson. A brand new trial continues to be purchased for that penalty phase from the situation, along with a review is going ahead to find out when there was juror misconduct in his trial.

It’s unclear whether Scott Peterson will get a brand new trial for that murder conviction. However, Frey’s attorney, Gloria Allred, stated within an interview on CNN’s HLN recently that her client is prepared to testify if required.

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