School Principal Uses Methods She Learned From ‘CSI’ Exhibit To Murder Husband

Jenea Chance went from as being a single mom working dead-finish jobs for an grade school principal because of her intelligence and determination. And based on prosecutors, she used the skills to pull off murder. 

Jenea increased in Bakersfield, California. She married her senior high school sweetheart however they separate after she learned he was cheating on her behalf, The Bakersfield Californian newspaper reported in 2020. She was pregnant at that time. 

At 22, Jenea grew to become just one mother, having a baby to some daughter, Jessica Bullman. While earning a teaching degree, she labored three jobs, including like a cashier inside a pharmacy. There she met security officer Todd Chance. They were married in 1996, annually after their first date.  

“When my mother and Todd get wed, when they were exchanging rings, he presented me having a gem bracelet with my name onto it. He am amazing in my experience. I am talking about, he is at all facets my father and that he never helped me feel overlooked,” Bullman told “Clicked,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

Todd had a job like a trucker while Jenea finished her teaching degree. After earning her certification, Jenea rapidly rose with the ranks, going from teaching to employed in administration and eventually becoming the main of Bakersfield’s Fairview Grade School. 

Existence was great for the probabilities. They’d two kids together with their combined incomes, they could afford luxurious family vacations. 

But around the morning of August. 25, 2013, a farm worker discovered a defunct body inside a Bakersfield  almond orchard, ABC News reported at that time.  He notified his boss, who known as police force. 

Responding officials using the Kern County Sheriff’s Office found a wallet around the victim which identified him as 45-year-old Todd Chance. His mobile phone was discovered roughly 40 ft from his body, based on PEOPLE.

“I located two gunshot wounds aside of his chest,” former Kern County Sheriff’s Coroner Janelle Malena told producers. “He also had what made an appearance to become a gunshot wound to his hands in a very close range.”

The existence of Chance’s wallet eliminated robbery like a motive. “It would be a planned and regarded murder,” prosecutor Andrea Kohler told producers.

Investigators notified Jenea and also the women of Todd’s dying.  Jenea stated she’d last seen her husband around 7:30 a.m.  He’d planned to go to a gun show and left in the flashy black Ford Mustang.

Jenea stated Todd would be a gun enthusiast and collector. When requested to check on his collection, she stated certainly one of his guns didn’t have, a classic .38 revolver.

“Jenea stated that it might be rare for him to consider that gun with him and to get it within the vehicle itself with him,” Kohler told producers.

Detectives wondered if Todd have been the victim of carjacking. These were later notified that his vehicle have been present in southwest Bakersfield. 

“The first factor they observed could be that the vehicle was unlocked. Next, there would be a key around the floorboard as well as visible was the handle of the revolver on the floorboard,” prosecutor Arthur Norris stated.

The gun matched the model of the missing .38 from Todd’s gun collection. Two spent models put together still within the cylinder. The area in which the vehicle was discovered was referred to as a haven for criminal activity. 

“You have this great vehicle using the key immediately, nice visible, with a gun. The truth that the vehicle was unlocked, it’s similar to a ‘Please steal me’ sign. It absolutely looked staged,” Norris told producers.

Police spoke to witnesses who noted a suspicious person walking locally at 9 that morning. One of these had even filmed the individual on their own home security camera. 

“The surveillance demonstrated an individual of medium height, medium build, fairly well-disguised, putting on a hat, putting on glasses and ponderous clothing,” former Kern County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Ray Pruitt told “Snapped.”

Further home security camera footage taken the suspect entering a Starbucks, based on The Bakerfield Californian. Then, they joined the restrooms, emerging five minutes later in various clothing. Witnesses described the suspect like a white-colored lady, PEOPLE reported. In reviewing the footage, detectives determined her hair was tucked inside her baseball cap, and her face was obscured.

Security footage from the home improvement store across in the Starbucks demonstrated the suspect getting rid of her original outfit behind stacked bags of soil. Regrettably, the rubbish was collected and discarded before detectives could retrieve it.  

Investigators looked Todd’s phone determined that this year, he’d begun corresponding together with his former fiance, Carrie Johnson, on Facebook Messenger. There were flirtatious texts and sexually explicit pictures, based on Bakersfield NBC-affiliate KGET.  

“Todd had requested his ex about the pair of them getting together but his ex had declined that. In my opinion her exact words were, ‘No way, married man,'” Norris told producers.

Searching from the vehicle revealed another clue. A sole fingerprint was located on the driver’s side door of Todd’s Mustang. It belonged to Jenea, WGET reported in 2020. Her DNA seemed to be located on the gear shaft.

In a previous interview with detectives, Jenea had claimed she never drove her husband’s vehicle. 

Jenea was introduced set for questioning and denied any participation in her own husband’s murder. When detectives pressed her, she requested for any lawyer, after which they arrested her and billed her with murder, CNN reported at that time.

Citing too little evidence, the Kern County district attorney’s office declined to press charges and Jenea was launched from child custody after 5 days, based on a 2013 La Occasions article.

As investigators sifted through evidence hoping creating a better situation, they found an image from the Chance family visiting an exhibit known as “CSI: The Experience” during certainly one of their loved ones vacations.  

“It was essentially an exhibit for vacationers in Vegas in the MGM Grand Hotel focused on the show “CSI: Crime Scene Analysis,” by which individuals are offered various scenarios to try and solve a criminal offense using forensic techniques,” Norris described.

Among the scenarios involved a lady who shoots her ex-husband leaving his body inside a deserted area, based on The Bakerfield Californian. Government bodies believe Chance learned get rid of DNA and get rid of clothing in the exhibit.  

Another break came because Chance claimed she what food was in home on her behalf computer during the time of her husband’s murder. However, a check mark of her computer through the FBI would reveal no computer activity in those days.

It might take 3 years for prosecutors and police to construct their situation. Finally, in December 2016, Leslie Jenea Chance, 49, was arrested and billed with first-degree murder.

At her murder trial in The month of january 2020, prosecutors contended that Jenea murdered Todd after researching his lurid texts together with his ex. Jenea made substantially more income than Todd, and if they divorced she’d need to pay him alimony. They claimed it was cheaper to kill him and profit from his $250,000 existence insurance plan, based on the Bakersfield Californian. 

On The month of january 31, 2020, following a four-and-a-half-week trial, the jury found Leslie Jenea Chance responsible for first-degree murder.

Jena Chance’s sentencing could be postponed several occasions because of illness, the COVID-19 pandemic, and motions for any new trial. She was finally sentenced on Sept. 16, 2020 to twenty five years to existence imprisonment by having an additional twenty five years to existence for any firearms enhancement, based on Bakersfield ABC-affiliate KERO-TV.  

Jenea Chance is going to be qualified for parole in 2041 when she’s 74 years of age.

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