‘Sadistic’ Indiana Man Will get To 650 Years Imprisonment For Number Of Cold Situation Rapes In 1980s

An Indiana man was sentenced to 650 years imprisonment after DNA collected from the electricity bill identified him because the rapist behind numerous sexual assaults transported out greater than 3 decades ago.

Steven Ray Hessler was charged on March 3 on 19 separate legal charges associated with a string of rapes and burglaries he transported out over 3 years within the 1980s, prosecutors stated. The costs incorporated two counts of rape, six counts of illegal deviate conduct, seven counts of burglary leading to bodily injuries, three counts of criminal deviate conduct and something count of robbery.

“Steven Ray Hessler is among the most evil, harmful, sadistic predators that I’ve had the pleasure of prosecuting within my 30+ year career,” Shelby County Prosecutor Kaira Landwerlen stated inside a statement on April 1. “He derived great pleasure from his unnecessarily brutal ways of terrorizing and sexually torturing his victims.”

“I guaranteed the sufferers early-with that transpire is he visit prison the remainder of his existence,” he added. “All involved are extremely happy we have achieved that goal.”

Between 1982 and 1985, a guy now know to become Hessler terrorized Shelby County, Indiana residents. The criminal was recognized to enter his victims’ homes throughout the night, armed and putting on a mask. He’d typically threaten, bind and torture his victims, based on officials.

Most of the victims were tangled up — though some weren’t — because he stole cash along with other certain products before sexually brutalizing the feminine victims and frequently a mans victims. 

In the last known assault, he raped the lady and pistol-whipped a mans victim numerous occasions, handcuffing and hog-tying him it left the person inside a coma for several weeks. A mans victim needed speech therapy to learn to talk again and needed two canes just to walk. Recently, however, the person continues to be limited to some motorized wheel chair.

Hessler, who evaded recognition in individuals cases for many years, also visited great lengths to pay for his tracks because of the condition of forensics at that time, prosecutors mentioned.

“Hessler was generally very careful, wiping lower the scene and taking products he had touched with him,” Landwerlen described. 

The attacks apparently stopped because Hessler was charged on rape charges in nearby Decatur County within the late 1980s and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment, Indiana Fox affiliate WXIN reported.

Ultimately, DNA that Hessler left in the scene of his last attack implicated him decades later. That forensic evidence — which government bodies delivered to Virginia-based DNA technology company Parabon NanoLabs — is exactly what linked him towards the crimes, officials stated.

“Parabon delivered back results that caused us to pay attention to Hessler and something body else,” the Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney added. “Eventually, we could obtain Hessler’s DNA sample from your envelope he licked to transmit inside a utility payment, also it matched the DNA in the scene.”  

Prosecutors described the following warrant search at Hessler’s home in August 2020 like a “gold mine.” Roughly 30 pairs of women’s panties, individually bagged, were grabbed from his home, in addition to handcuffs and ski masks utilized in the sexual assaults. Numerous photos taken of two victims during one attack were also found, based on Indiana NBC affiliate WTHR.

Investigators located separate electronic evidence which demonstrated he’d lately been “tracking” and cyberstalking his prior victims, too. 

Throughout his trial, numerous Hessler’s former victims testified against him.

“The greatest credit is out towards the victims, who fearlessly testified despite getting received dying threats throughout the attacks,” Landwerlen  stated. “These attacks have experienced profound impacts on their own lives — always fearful if a person examines them, and residing in a recurring condition of fear. I really hope these verdicts, and understanding that their attacker come in prison until he dies, brings them some feeling of closure.”

“It’s hard to comprehend just how much this conviction must mean for that victims as well as their families,” Steven Armentrout, President and Chief executive officer for Parabon NanoLabs, told “It’s proof of the perseverance from the Shelby County detectives that they are in a position to solve this situation after a lot some time and with the little evidence.  We’re proud our technology and gifted team may help justice be offered from this terrible predator.” 

Hessler’s participation through the years had formerly been overlooked as a result of quantity of earlier suspects within the situation. In 1983, Hessler’s cousin was arrested and billed with a few of the early sexual assaults. Another man, Michael Kenyan, who’d committed similar attacks within the 1970s, seemed to be an old person of great interest. These were both eventually eliminated as suspects.

The Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office wasn’t immediately readily available for comment when contacted by on Tuesday. A spokesperson for that Indiana Condition Police also didn’t react to media demands surrounding Hessler’s situation now.

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