‘Rising Fawn Jane Doe’ Present In Georgia 33 Years Back ID’d As Missing Michigan Lady

The remains of the Michigan mother who disappeared greater than 30 years ago put together in Georgia at that time and lastly identified using DNA technology this month.

Stacey Lyn Chahorski, who disappeared from Michigan 33 years back, continues to be determined is the person found dead in Dade County, Georgia on 12 ,. 16, 1988. Her body was discovered roughly five miles in the Alabama condition line on the northbound lane around the I-59. For many years following a nasty discovery, was known only as “Rising Fawn Jane Doe.”

On March 24, investigators announced they’d identified the missing Michigan lady.

“Today marks your day that people search for that killer,” Georgia Bureau Special Agent in control Joe Montgomery told the press throughout a press conference on March 24.

Officials stated Chahorski’s remains — this was hidden inside a Dade County graveyard — is going to be reunited together with her family soon. Chahorski was from Norton Shores, Michigan and, if she were alive today, she’d be 52.

Chahorski’s mother reported that they last spoke to her daughter on the phone in 1988, when her daughter stated she was visiting Flint, Michigan, after which to Muskegon, Michigan. Chahorski was formally reported missing in The month of january 1989.

“We now have a beginning point,” Montgomery also added. “We know where’s she’s from. Norton Shores [police] has been doing lots of focus on this situation over time much like we’ve. With this combined information, I believe there exists a good possibility of solving this situation and getting the killer to justice.” 

Through the years, realistic clay renderings and composite sketches from the Michigan lady were produced by forensic artists in efforts to recognize her. For a long time, however, concrete leads regarding the woman’s identity eluded investigators.

Curiosity about the unsolved situation was restored within the mid-2000s when new investigators were reassigned to the situation file.

In 2015, the Georgia Bureau of Analysis contacted the FBI about the potential of using new DNA technology to build up a family history and genealogical profile from the unknown lady. Evidence ended up being delivered to an FBI lab in Washington, D.C., inducing the development of a DNA profile. That profile was submitted to some national missing persons DNA database.

In 2021, Othram Corporation.,a Texas-based DNA lab, was introduced in by investigators to assist around the cold situation. Using Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing, a DNA extraction was performed on Chahorski’s skeletal remains, leading to an “comprehensive family history and genealogical profile.”

FBI agents in Atlanta and Baltimore subsequently built a household tree and tracked Chahroski’s distant relatives through extensive family history and genealogical research while using new forensic profile, which ultimately identified her. 

“[They] did some good try to identify Stacey,” Dr. David Mittelman, the Ceo of Othram Corporation., told by email on Tuesday. “Othram was honored to help the Dade County Sheriff’s Office, GBI and FBI offices in assisting bring Stacey to her family.”

Othram Corporation. has helped solve hundreds of cold cases recently utilizing their patented Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing technology. The novel sequencing method enables geneticists to construct a family history and genealogical profile of the person, while using tiniest trace amount of DNA evidence even when that evidence has degraded or been broken by the passing of time.

“Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing is allowing investigators, the very first time, to unlock important clues from formerly inaccessible DNA evidence which is the main difference between someone remaining unknown versus being reunited with family,” Mittelman added.

The Georgia Bureau of Analysis declined to discuss outdoors situation on Friday morning, as did a spokesperson for that FBI. 

“Unfortunately the FBI won’t make any more statements than was stated at yesterday’s press conference,” a spokesperson for that agency told on Friday mid-day.

Anybody with a lot more details are advised to make contact with the Georgia Bureau Of Analysis at  1-800-597-8477 or by submitting an anonymous tip online.

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